Samuel Fain

Samuel Fain is a software engineer and a self-described constitutional “small ‘l’” libertarian. He grew up and was educated in Moscow, in the former Soviet Union, and emigrated to the United States in the early 1990s only to discover that the socialist ideology from which he fled was spreading to his new home.

A naturalized citizen of the United States, Sam considers the Constitution and the system of government created by America’s founders to be the pinnacle of human social thinking. Together with the engineering-rooted credo of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and a strong belief in the concept of individual liberties, this conviction led him to become a strong proponent of political conservatism, free markets and social libertarianism.

Sam feels that his first-hand experience of life in a communist country, as well as that of being a lawful immigrant and a naturalized citizen, enables him to have a different perspective than those who advocate socialism and illegal immigration from a safe distance of a plush office in Cambridge, MA or Washington, DC.

Sam wrote a few pieces for America’s Right in its infancy, and began contributing again occasionally in February 2009.

For a list of Sam’s work here at America’s Right, click HERE.