Randy Wills

Randy Wills retired for the first time in 1998 after more than four decades of experience as an entrepreneur and general manager in small-to-medium-sized technology-based companies and as a mid-level engineering, marketing, and manufacturing manager in a premier global technology corporation. Since 2002, Randy has been a director, officer, and operations manager in a successful and growing software development business founded by his son.

He and his wife reside in the beautiful Northwest and spend any free time that they have with their extended family, all of whom live within a day’s drive.

Randy considers himself a constitutional conservative and has typically voted Republican but now prefers to call himself an “undeclared Independent.” Although Randy is a committed Christian, he chooses not to be identified with any particular denomination, believing that, as with political affiliation, most traditional party and religious labels have become too loosely defined and inappropriately claimed to serve any useful purpose in public discourse.

Randy has been contributing here at  since July 2009.

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