John Pratt

John M. Pratt has over 30 years of leadership experience in law enforcement, military operations, private security, private investigations, safety and risk management. He is the Founder and President of Pratt Security and Investigations, Inc.

As such, John holds licensure as a Private Detective in Wisconsin, and as a Private Detective and Private Security Contractor in Illinois. He is a National Rifle Association certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and Proficiency Certifier in Wisconsin and Illinois. He is also a court-qualified expert in the characteristics, function, operation and use of firearms.

John has held law enforcement positions as a City Patrolman, County Deputy Sheriff and State Trooper. He has extensive investigative experience, to include death, narcotics, property crime and motor vehicle collision technical investigations and reconstruction.

John is a former Major in the United States Army. He served in numerous command and staff assignments worldwide, with his last active duty post was as Commander of a special munitions security site in support of NATO operations. John is a Certified Military Instructor, having taught mathematics, ballistics and gunnery at the United States Field Artillery School, and is a qualified expert in the use, function and maintenance of military weapons systems from small arms through artillery cannon, rocket and missile systems.

Every generation of John’s family, beginning with two fifth-great-grandfathers and one fourth-great-grandfather during the American Revolution through John himself, have served in the United States Army. He takes the liberties and freedoms for which these men sacrificed very seriously. And he’s determined that they will not be undermined on his watch.

John enjoys being with his wife Tricia, their sons, daughter-in-law and their new grand-daughter. He is also very active in the Masonic fraternity.