Jeff Schreiber, Founder & Editor Emeritus

Jeff Schreiber, founder and managing editor of America’s Right, wasn’t always on the right side of the traditional political spectrum.  Or the correct side, for that matter.

A 2000 graduate from Auburn University, Jeff took his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and began his professional career at the Seneca Daily Journal-Messenger, a small daily newspaper in the Golden Corner of the Palmetto State, where he covered county and city government and more in Pickens County and Clemson, South Carolina.  His paltry entry-level news reporter paycheck quickly and easily depleted by bills, beer and gasoline for his carbon-spewing 1984 Recaro-edition Pontiac Trans-Am, Jeff moved back to his childhood hometown in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

For eight years after returning to the Philadelphia area, Jeff worked as a legal writer during the day, and for four of those eight years attended law school at night at Rutgers School of Law in tropical Camden, New Jersey.  Following his graduation in May 2010, Jeff moved back to South Carolina.

Currently, Jeff practices Family Law as an Associate Attorney for The LaMantia Law Firm, a small law firm in historic downtown Charleston, South Carolina.  He resides in a small town on the outskirts of the city with his wife, Joanna, as well as his two children and mentally-challenged dog.

Jeff’s ideological transformation happened over time, but began on a rainy afternoon in the summer of 2001 when Jeff picked up and read through “Bias,” by Bernard Goldberg.  It wasn’t until January 2008 when, a reformed liberal democrat with nearly a decade on the wagon and having become increasingly tired of venting his political frustrations at work, at home and at school, Jeff established America’s Right in hopes to advance a conservative-libertarian message and articulate the merits of freedom and liberty to any who would listen.