Dr. William Harvey

A pharmaceutical industry executive currently involved in research & development, William’s background is eclectic: he has a degree in electrical engineering as well as a medical degree. His medical training included surgical training, but he completed his advanced training in medical imaging (radiology). After his medical training, for several years, he stayed in the university/academic environment, training other physicians and conducting clinical research, developing new drugs (including biological products) and imaging devices. After academia, he accepted a position with a pharmaceutical company directing their clinical research program and has stayed within the corporate environment.

He has conducted research from earliest human testing through late-stage development (after a drug or device has been approved); he has conducted research globally; he has lived and worked outside the US and has, in fact, received health care in a nationalized health care system.

His current role involves the strategic planning for next-generation products and how to meet the needs of government regulators, payors (government and insurance), prescribers, and patients in this process. He is involved in helping formulate industry position(s) and responses to health care reform proposals.

William has been contributing to America’s Right since June 2009, and lives in the greater Philadelphia area and is based in New Jersey, although his work takes him across the United States as well as internationally.

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