Christopher Hynes

Christopher Hynes arrived on the proverbial doorstep of both our blog and the conservative revolution sweeping the country in a couple of odd ways. A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, Chris has moved on to a successful career as a marketing communications professional, and also dabbles as a freelance writer. Chris is married, and he and his wife have a son. They reside in Rhode Island.

America’s Right now has two contributors from Rhode Island on staff, and it’s no mere coincidence. Here is yet another example – albeit a small one – of the manner in which the Internet and social media has facilitated a political and cultural awakening. People who had been “isolated”, so to speak, in their homes after a long day’s work and who were consequently “limited” to what the mainstream media chose to tell them each night now suddenly discovered that they actually were not alone with their political, cultural, and social worldviews; they were now free to make connections with people during all parts of the day and from nearly anyplace that they found themselves, and they began making not only new friends in the conservative movement but were also re-connecting with old friends – even teachers.

Chris Hynes is a former student of AR Editor John Feeny, and were it not for Facebook – on which Chris witnessed first-hand his former mentor’s pleas for political sanity in that state – the two may have never re-connected, other than the occasional return visit of an alumnus to his former stomping grounds. As a result, Chris and John not only re-connected but also discovered that they were seeing and trying to fight the very same things.

Chris also comes at this from a couple of other unique angles as well. During his high school and college days, as most younger people do, Chris leaned much more decidedly left; as a very active musician and a member of a band, it was naturally easy to view the world through that particular lens. As most people also do, however, Chris grew and matured, married, and began a family. Rather suddenly, he began looking around and to realize that something wasn’t right. In fact, this realization has, to some degree, put him diametrically at odds with the views of many of his friends and former bandmates.

Medically speaking, Chris has, unfortunately, battled a slew of health problems throughout his life, and as he entered adulthood, he was forced to deal with these issues while carrying poor insurance. While he and his wife now have very comprehensive insurance, such a reality has not prevented him from understanding that while the ACA would have purportedly “helped” him, if not stopped in its tracks, its unconstitutionality will eventually force the vast majority of the American people into a system of which they want no part. He views the ACA as extraordinarily detrimental to America, both financially and as an assault on our basic freedoms.