Adam Baldwin

A Hollywood actor with more than three decades of experience on big and small screens alike, you might recognize Adam Baldwin from his phenomenal role as Animal Mother in Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 Vietnam epic, Full Metal Jacket.  Others yet may recognize him from his roles in Wyatt Earp, Independence Day, Firefly or, most recently, his role as John Casey on NBC’s hit television show, Chuck.

Adam’s filmography is impressive and extensive, but perhaps even more impressive and certainly extensive is his tireless and passionate advocacy for freedom, advancement of liberty and espousal of common sense ideas and ideals, most of which he does through masterful use of the social networking site, Twitter.

Besides his expert use of Twitter to educate fans and followers alike on the political plight of America, Adam has also written for Andrew Breitbart’s great resource,

He made his debut at America’s Right in September 2010, and his work can be found by clicking HERE. We don’t know if Adam will be back, but it was sure nice to see the other, more conservative side of Hollywood up close.