No, Mr. President – WE Are The Ones America Has Been Waiting For (Part Nine)

With the reality of the general election now bearing down on the Obama administration, several major incidents – along with typical socialist tactics – may, in fact, have been the onset of the final implosion of the Obama administration.  Beginning with the Supreme Court ruling on the health care bill at the end of June, Barack Obama begins to find it more and more difficult to run away from the record of destruction that he’s left behind.


June 28, 2012 – 3 ½ years into a presidential administration that placed above all else the implementation of universal health care legislation into the American economy, and 2 ½ years following its forced passage on the process of “reconciliation”, the Supreme Court of the United States renders its long-awaited verdict on the bill’s constitutionality –

the bill stands. Well…sort of.  

In perhaps the most bizarre series of twisting and turning rulings in American legislative history, the Supreme Court rules 5-4 that the law can stand if it is, in fact, a tax – something that the Obama administration has repeatedly denied. In fact, the lead attorney for the administration had literally argued in the hearings on the matter back in March that the bill both was and was not a tax. Yet, Chief Justice John Roberts felt it important above all else to find a way to “save the legislation”. Funny, but I never knew that that was part of the Supreme Court’s responsibilities, let alone the Chief Justice of all the land.

So, for the first time in the history of a free republic, the American people will be literally and legally forced to purchase a product that they may not want – assuming, of course, that the bill is fully implemented by 2014. If that does happen, the American society and economy is doomed, because the financial structure of the nation will never be able to withstand the weight of such a legislative burden.

The long and winding road that far-left Progressives have taken to reach the point at which they control the health of each American citizen is worth noting, if for no other reason than to ask the question why – why has this always been such an important issue for them, especially when the American people have repeatedly scoffed at the notion of such a concept?   From where I stand, one only has to look to the words of the famous Communist leader Vladmir Lenin: full control of a society goes through its medical apparatus. The reason for that is simple – anything can be justified on the premise of “just wanting the best for you and your family.”

Of course, it just happens that the bill is a convenient 2,500 pages of really, really interesting reading, which makes it all the more difficult to find out what’s in it (about which those on the Left don’t really care, both because they don’t want to be confused by the truth of the details and because universal medical coverage “sounds so nice”). Have I read the bill? Certainly not in its entirety, but I have read portions to which I’ve been directed by people who understand such matters better than I do.

Let me step away from this issue by asking this: what does the ownership of gold and house sales have to do with medicine?

Go look it up.

July 12, 2012 – As the American people have seen on more than one occasion, once Barack Obama “goes rogue” from his teleprompter, the real man behind the mask becomes visible, which must drive his handlers to the brink of the bottle. One can’t help but think that Barack Obama is just chomping at the bit to tell the American people exactly what he thinks of them, but, alas, with a pretty important election just at the edge of the horizon, he can’t; he has to try to keep his mouth shut.

On this day, however, he goes off prompter, and we see a several-second fleeting glimpse of what he really thinks.

Remember, people….all the hard work that you’ve put into your businesses count for nothing in the eyes of the man responsible for your right to prosper as you see fit. You owe more than a fair share of gratitude to the public-sector workers, who are the actual people who allow you to chase your dreams.

As with all socialists, they always want to couch success and/or failure in the context of the collective. Nobody deserves credit for success, nor blame for failure.

Good stuff.

August 8, 2012 – The onset of desperation makes people do strange and sometimes reprehensible things. When one considers this all-too-human trait and applies it to a socialist political campaign, well, the results are usually fairly predictable.

Hearkening all the way back to the French Revolution, political/social movements ostensibly carried out for the good “of the people” are general marked by screeching appeals to base emotions and anger and eventually devolve into the will of the mob. Occupy Wall Street is a perfect case in point. On this day, the Obama administration once again shows just how far down the gutter it’s willing to crawl when one of their signature political ads indirectly blames Mitt Romney for the death of a woman who was married to a man by the name of Joe Soptic.

In what sense does this have anything to do with the issues faced by our nation, other than to appeal to the ignorant and baseline anger of people who feel as if they’ve been shortchanged in life by other really, really mean people?

It would have been even more poetic if the man’s name was Joe Septic.

August 14, 2012 – Of the many things that have been more and more fully exposed during this American political re-awakening of the past four years, the real history of the Democratic Party is perhaps one of the single most significant. From the end of the Civil War, when Southern elitist Democrats were more than a bit embittered over the loss of their way of life, to the beginnings of the Progressive movement and on to the administrations of Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (both of whom had nothing but contempt for the Constitution), and Lyndon Baines Johnson, the Southern Democrats who have long been the cancer of our American society – think Clintons, Gores, Wilsons, etc., etc. – have managed to gradually convince over the course of roughly the past half-century roughly 50% of the American citizenry that Republicans are the racist, evil people. That’s really funny, because during the truly prosperous and happy periods in our history, it has been Republican administrations at the helm – Coolidge, Eisenhower, Reagan, etc. Even the reviled George W. Bush presided over an economy that was technically steaming along at what is considered full employment     (less than 5%).

While many people around the country were aghast at the words that came out of Vice President Joe Biden’s mouth on this day while speaking to a group of black American voters, nobody really should have been, for two reasons: 1)this is yet another Southern Democrat who more than likely has little regard for anyone different than he (especially those in lower classes), and 2) VP Biden could, quite conceivably, be the single, most stupid individual ever to occupy an elected office, to say nothing of being “one heartbeat away”.

Can you imagine the outcry if this had been a Republican who uttered the words, “Put y’all back in chains”?

The degree of hypocrisy is staggering. As one African-American woman said on a call-in talk show in response to Biden’s gaffe, “if every black person in this country doesn’t immediately run to the Republican party, then there is something seriously wrong with this country.”

Amen to that.

September 11, 2012 – Eleven years to the day of the original 9/11, Muslim extremists once again launch a terrorist attack against America, this time on the US consulate in Libya. For the two weeks following the attack, the Obama administration will continue to insist that the attack was not an organized terror attack at all but was actually a spontaneous uprising over a You Tube clip considered to be insulting to the Islamic faith and published by an unknown American citizen. Obviously, it was considered paramount in importance for the administration to begin to spin and cover, lest their foreign policy – or lack thereof – of the past four years begin to completely unravel in the eyes of the American public.

For the next seven weeks, however, the details that begin to emerge seemingly by the day tell an even more sinister story, one that at least on the surface points a very large and accusatory finger directly at Barack Obama.

Not only does it become evident that this was, indeed, a terrorist attack on American soil but that there are also more and more signs emerging that President Obama did little to nothing to either prevent it (in light of dire warnings from the consulate that had been raised for weeks beforehand) or assist when his people called for help. There are even accounts that tell us that the Navy Seals who were killed fighting in defense of the consulate and who were saving American lives had originally and unbelievably been told to stand down.

To which, of course, our Navy Seals disobeyed what could charitably be called incomprehensible orders and essentially told their President what to do with his office and did their very best to save people before losing their own lives in the process.

Pat Caddell, a lifelong liberal Democrat and pollster during the Carter administration, is one Democrat of integrity and common sense. While I’m sure that if I ever had the opportunity to meet Mr. Caddell we’d have reasonable disagreements on politics, I can say with assurance that he will always have my respect as an honest man. In the weeks-long wake following the Libya crisis, Mr. Caddell made plain his feelings about the cover-up by both the administration and the media, which has been working as an arm of the Obama administration throughout the past four years:

Obviously, I can’t speak for anyone else, but by this point in the game Barack Obama can only be classified as one of two things: probably the single weakest Commander-in-Chief in the history of the American Constitutional Republic, or perhaps, something much, much worse.

October 29, 2012 – In August of 2005, all of America watched as hundreds of thousands of people in New Orleans suffered in the wake of the devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina. We were then treated to years of the harshest, most vile criticism of George W. Bush for his alleged “non-response” to the crisis, when history actually records that the President was advised to stay away. What you also won’t hear liberals discuss is that the awful conditions created by the hurricane were exacerbated not by George W. Bush but by a bloated, incompetent federal government.

Fast-forward seven years and we have a very similar situation, this time in the destruction and suffering left behind in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, this time in the New York-New Jersey area. The really, really strange part of all of it is simply this:

Where’s the media with all of the  interviews and pictures of the human suffering?
Not so much, hmmm?

Funny – it makes the Katrina situation and its suffering seem more and more like a political tool, much like the Vietnam protesters of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.
Of course, Barack Obama did stop in to the devastated mid-Atlantic region for the photo-ops (with his campaign violinists in tow) before heading right back to the campaign trail.

I don’t know – all this talk of spinning and hurricanes – what goes around comes around, I suppose.


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