No, Mr. President – WE Are the Ones America Has Been Waiting For (Part Seven)

……and then the 2010 midterms were upon us….

November 2, 2010 - As the polls had been increasingly showing over the course of calendar year 2010 – if not longer – the majority of the American people were essentially turning in revulsion from the all-too-obvious Democratic agenda. The flurry of attempted and actual destructive legislative activity in the span of merely 22 months – the furious health care debate and eventual bill (most of which we’re still “finding out what’s in it”), Cap & Trade, Card Check, a failed $800 billion “Stimulus” bill, amongst other deeply-seated controversies – results in the single greatest turnover in the House of Representatives in roughly 70 years. When considered against the fact that the Democratic Party – with only several notable exceptions – has essentially controlled the Unites States’ Congress between 1955 and 1995, the turnover is stunning.


Not only do the Republicans gain commanding control of the House of Representatives but they also come very close to taking the Senate as well. In fact, with a number of Democratic senators up for re-election in 2012, one could make the case the the Republicans did, in fact, gain “de-facto” control of the Senate as well. This severely divided Congress will result in some of the most contentious political days in recent American history during the early part of August in 2011.

There are probably several primary reasons for the upheaval, but the most obvious one is that the American people clearly do not approve of the Democrats’ all-too-clear pro-socialist agenda. Considering the fact that the mainstream media long ago sold out to socialism and had been carrying the president’s water for two years by this point, one has to wonder how the American people were able to disseminate information to one another and to rise up as one. There are two basic reasons: Fox News and the internet.

While those on the Left will maintain that Fox News is merely an arm of the Republican Party – and, admittedly, the leading cable news channel does lean right – even common sense Liberals have to own up to the facts that Fox does present a predominantly objective view of current events and that all of the other mainstream media outlets in addition to cable news outlets are unabashedly liberal. For them to cry about the nature of Fox News’ reporting is a degree of hypocrisy on a never-before-seen level.

The internet, on the other hand, was clearly not something against which this socialist administration was prepared to contend. Once the people begin to question the obvious nature of the legislative activity that ran against all common sense, it was only a matter of time before the conservative blogosphere basically became the “Fourth Estate” to which Thomas Jefferson once referred – that if the Republic were ever compromised by corruption, he hoped that those who made their living by watching and writing about current events would be the last line of defense in keeping the politicians honest. Jefferson clearly never anticipated that the media would ally itself with a specific part of the government, but his vision did manage to take on a new form. The American people themselves have now taken it upon themselves to monitor their elected representatives by blogging and organizing. It’s no wonder that this administration eventually begins to take preliminary steps in attempting to find a way to restrict the people’s access to the internet. Glenn Beck of Fox News does an incredible job in pointing to issues like this and others that the people would never have otherwise known to research and expose on the ‘net.



February 17, 2011 - Personal responsibility is one of the hallmarks of American freedom and individualism. Making a decision with regard to a course of action in any part of life – business, social, recreation, etc., etc. – and demonstrating the maturity and the willingness to face up to the consequences of such a decision, either good or bad, is the common-sense standard by which we here in America look upon our fellow citizens and judge their ability to work within the framework of freedom that we have in our country. It goes without saying that thanks to our liberal, Democratic politicians, we have during the course of the better part of the past four decades witnessed the devolving of our culture into one in which the concept of accepting personal responsibility for one’s decisions in life is not only more and more disregarded out-of-hand but is becoming the accepted part of the proper way to approach one’s life. People who actually do accept personal responsibility are either attacked for making others “look bad” or are laughed at and derided for being chumps.

Having said that, the events of 2/17/11 should have shocked no one. It has become more and more clear during the past 10-15 years, as the political left in this country has further exposed itself and its true intentions, that they are nothing if not two things: genetically pre-disposed and incapable of facing difficult decisions in life (see President Obama) and, when they do infrequently manage to make some type of a difficult decision, they want nothing to do with the consequences when things don’t go their way. They blame someone or something else and wash their hands of the fallout.

As a direct result of the draconian legislative activity of the two years leading up to the 2010 elections, the American people sent a strong, loud n’ clear message that they’d had enough of the socialist agenda and overwhelmingly brought Republicans back. The primary reason for this was that the people had had enough of the bloated government spending; they wanted people in place who would enact austerity measures and lower taxes. One of those states was Wisconsin, which, ironically enough, is a deeply-Democratic state and the birthplace of Progressivism.

The people of Wisconsin elected a Republican governor, Scott Walker, and brought the balance of state legislative power to the Republicans. When Walker and the Republicans moved forward with exactly that which the people of Wisconsin voted them in to do – work that they attempted to begin by bringing the collective bargaining power of the public-sector unions under control – the minority members of the Democratic party in the Wisconsin state Congress fled the state, so as to prevent the natural order of legislative activity from moving forward. 

As stated above, it became apparent that Democrats on both the state and federal level were now announcing that they had no intention of being held accountable for their behavior of the past two years, so the Wisconsin Democrats ran away. Is that, or is that not, the behavior of children?

As a consequence of the vote being held up for weeks, the political Left descended upon the Wisconsin state capital, and by the time it was over, had left it a disgusting mess. Say what you will about the Tea Party, but wherever they go, everything is orderly, clean, picked up, and non-violent. These clips show you the aftermath of the inauguration of President Obama on January 20, 2009, and the fallout from the assault on the Wisconsin state capital in February, 2011:

This one will certainly get your attention. Please be aware, the level of personal degredation is fairly disturbing. THESE are members of the Obama electorate:

Is this who you are, America? Just asking.

May 2, 2011 – Without question, an important day for all Americans, as arguably the most wanted individual on planet earth, public enemy #1 to our entire country, and the mastermind of the attacks on 9/11, Osama Bin Laden, finally meets his maker at the business end of the weapons in the hands of US Navy Seals. This is also, without question, the greatest “accomplishment” of the Obama administration, one for which he still is taking victory laps in his desperate attempt to be re-elected.

There are, however, a number of entanglements.

As information regarding the daring nighttime raid becomes public over the course of the next weeks, it becomes fairly standard knowledge that Barack Obama – having been informed that the opportunity was there to take Bin Laden out – refused to do so not once, but twice. After having been continually implored to do so by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Obama finally gives the green light.

Further, it becomes clear that much of what is supposed to be the most highly classified of high-classified information is gradually being leaked by the White House, seemingly for the purposes of a) making Barack Obama look presidential, and b) for the purposes of making a movie about the raid. About a year-and-a-half later, a group of former military men under the banner of OPSEC make a 22-minute video in which they make plain their feelings about the current president and the manner in which he is handling – or not handling – US national security.

Let’s see…whom do I trust more on this….a collection of men for whom honor, loyalty, and integrity come before everything else, or Barack Obama? Hmmm……

May 27, 2011 - History will no doubt show that the years 2008-2010 (and, to a lesser extent, 2010-2012 as well) were the point in American history for which the progressive liberal Democrats had been waiting, if not for a full century then at least since the time of LBJ. As a result of the 2008 elections, the Democrats held the White House in addition to supermajorities in both houses of Congress. Coming off near a decade of lining up George Bush and the Republicans to be held responsible for every problem on Earth, they were now in position to fully implement their socialist, progressive agenda upon America.

One of the most vocally outspoken and progressive members of the Democratic Party was Anthony Weiner, a representative from New York. As ’08-’10 unfolded and the Democrats began to see that the American people – awakened to what was being perpetrated upon them via social networking sites and Fox News – were actively resisting their efforts by threatening the re-election campaigns of certain Democrats, Weiner was more and more frequently seen on Fox News attempting to explain and/or justify the righteousness of the far left-wing cause. In fact, if you hearken back to the clip and the debate in question of 7/30/2010, you’ll see real congressional behavior in action.

Weiner’s antics became center stage on this date, however, when it became clear that he had engaged in lewd and promiscuous behavior on his Twitter account. At first he denied it, claiming that his account had been hacked; this, of course, raised national security concerns and called into question whether Weiner would stand by his story if questioned by the FBI, since lying to that agency is a felony. Weiner eventually came clean, which put his initial denial in an even worse light, hung yet another sex scandal around the neck of the Democratic Party, and provided the American people with enough joke material to last a lifetime. He resigned from Congress about one month later, with what was tantamount to a severance package of multi-millions of dollars of taxpayer money.

Gotta love those Democrats – especially one with such a great name.

Recess must have been his personal house of horrors.

Is it really any wonder that his high school picture is the one on his Twitter account?

As with all liberals, they’re still fightin’ those bullies who hung them by their suspenders in the bathroom and beat them like a pinanda until their lunch money came falling out.  Of course, they’re now wreaking their life-long vengeance on the rest of America.

Is there a doctor in the house?





  1. TerryD says:

    It’s about over for the Dems. 6 more ays and I will be over for them.

  2. clover says:

    Can’t wait for nightmare to end.

    three day suspension back 11/4



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