Behold (Again) the Power of Twitter

READ –> SooperMexican: How Conservatives on Twitter Forced Obama to Face the Benghazi Debacle

This is not a small matter. Prior to this event, the Obama administration had claimed they had not denied security requests from the embassy in Benghazi. The CIA made it clear that they didn’t deny any security requests, but their wording left it open to interpretation that someone else higher up in the chain of authority had.  Leon Panetta said they could not send in any military without sufficient information, further substantiating the claim that request were denied.

With this seemingly pedestrian interview, Obama could not answer whether he or anyone else in his administration had denied security requests while Americans were under attack from terrorists.

Because of conservatives on twitter, he had to deny this twice.

This is the new face of journalism, this is how we break through the pathetic and deplorable lapdog media complicity with the Obama administration.

On October 18, 2012, I had the chance to bring my wife and children to a Charleston Tea Party rally on the USS Yorktown in Charleston Harbor.  A friend, The Franklin Center’s Tabitha Hale, was speaking along with Congressman Tim Scott and others, and I always do what I can to support friends whenever possible.

A few minutes after arriving, I was introduced to a familiar face — Bruce Carroll, also known as @GayPatriot on Twitter.  Even though Bruce is fairly local here in the Palmetto State, and even though Bruce and I crossed paths at various New Media events, I’d never had the chance to say hello.

When the topic of America’s Right came up, I lamented how I never get to write much anymore.  He said much of the same.  I also mentioned that, most of the time, in those instances in which I really have the urge to vent about something, I turn to Twitter.  He, again, said much of the same.

Twitter is incredible.  For those who aren’t on there, join.  The Soopermexican piece highlighted above shows the power of Twitter and the impact it can have.  And, thankfully, in the case of Benghazi, conservatives were out in force on Twitter.

I look around AR, and I’m sad that it’s devoid of recent mentions of Benghazi.  Yet, when I look at my Twitter feed, it’s chock full of it.  Join the movement, and make a difference, folks.


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