No, Mr. President – WE Are the Ones America Has Been Waiting For (Part Six)

As the pressure of the 2010 mid-term elections began to bear down on the Democratic Party, and with their agenda now more than obvious to the American people, the summer heat of that year began to increase seemingly exponentially, as nearly every single development that came out of the White House and was filtered through the war being waged between the mainstream media and the American people was amplified and analyzed, and then amplified and analyzed some more.  It was clear that the political discourse in America was reaching a crescendo that it had not approached since, perhaps, the late 1960′s, which would be, of course, quite ironic.


May, June, July, 2010 – Public resistance and pressure against the plans to erect a 13- story mosque at Ground Zero – sacred ground to Americans as a visible reminder of 3,000 of our people murdered by Islamic terrorists – begins to build, and more and more conservatives begin to speak out. The Obama administration seemingly has nothing to say on the issue, but I can guarantee you that if these plans continue to move forward, the American people will. There really isn’t any more discussion necessary. 

Here’s a couple of good ideas – why don’t we erect a Shinto shrine on top of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor? Better yet – how about a memorial to Ted Bundy on the front yard of the families of the women whom he murdered?

June 15, 2010 – Some 57 days following the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, President Obama makes a televised speech to the nation from the Oval Office. Traditionally, a sitting U.S. President only addresses the nation from the Oval Office during times of national crisis (which, don’t forget, can never go to waste).

Beyond the obvious – President Obama’s waiting nearly two full months to respond to the oil spill in any substantive manner – the White House, in this case, makes an attempt to dress up a tragedy that is adversely and seriously affecting the working American families in the Gulf region in such a way as to suggest that the United States is under attack in some form or fashion. Certainly, President Obama’s handlers didn’t want this to become associated with the Katrina situation; therefore, they preferred to have his failure adequately address the situation under the guise of “heroism”, ala President Bush following 9/11.

Funny how that works out.

If one were to go back and listen carefully to President Obama’s speech, the viewer is meant to come away believing – albeit indirectly – that the “attack” that threatens the shores of the United States comes from big business, mainly big oil, and most specifically, BP (odd, especially when one refers back to January 27, 2010). The text of the speech makes rather liberal use of military terminology, which, merely on its face, is more than an offense to the battle-hardened members of the American military, both living and deceased, who have put their lives on the line to protect the ideals of freedom.

Nice try, boys.

July, 2010 - Despite the federal court’s ruling the Obama administration’s moratoriums on drilling in the Gulf to be unconstitutional – on more than one occasion – the White House seemingly ignores the decisions of its own court system and continues to impose its own personal will. Clearly, this goes against all dictates of common sense, leaves the American people wondering as to what, exactly, is happening with its own president, and drives the economic situation of the American people in the Gulf region into nearly dire straits, since hardly anyone is employed. The entire morbid scenario begins to reach a crescendo when Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana rails against President Obama, essentially calling him out for deliberately trying to keep the people of the region out of work.

July, 2010 – With the pressure of mid-term elections beginning to press against the Democrats and their agenda, the NAACP begins to more seriously call out the Tea Party movement for their apparent “racist” elements, despite the absence of any real evidence to that effect. Just prior to the passage of the health care legislation at the end of March, prominent members of the Democratic Party – including influential members of the Black Caucus – parade into chamber in what could only be called an act in defiance of the will of the American people. In the midst of all this, members of the Black Caucus claim that many of the people in the crowd used racial epithets as they yelled at them, and one man, John Lewis, even claims that one person spit at him. During the course of the days immediately following all of this, conservative activist Andrew Breibart offers $100,000 for any video and/or audio evidence of the alleged racial attacks by the protesters in Washington. In an age when nearly every person in America has a cell phone with a video recorder, not one person comes forward – even with $100,000 out there for the taking.

With all of this as backdrop, the NAACP and the New Black Panthers begin what is tantamount to a “destroy-at-all-costs” campaign against the Tea Party, which, as evidence will show, is nothing more than a nationwide collection of people who’ve had it with the political machinations taking place in their own federal government and who want the country restored.

Those on the radical Left, however, have reached a point in their long history of attempting to undermine the culture of the United States at which they can no longer surrender, because they know that the cosmic tumblers have aligned for them. They will most likely never have this opportunity again. Racism is their ace card and is usually the one they pull from the deck when all else has failed, and none of their plans are working in the court of public opinion.

They’re now beginning to find themselves backed into a corner, which makes them even more dangerous.

July 8, 2010 – The Obama administration files suit against the new anti-illegal immigration statute signed into law by the State of Arizona, a law which does nothing more than enforce the existing federal statute. In fact, the Arizona law is even less draconian than the federal one, which should, in theory, leave the average American scratching his head in confusion at the White House’s attempt to strike down this effort. The only conclusions at which one can reasonably arrive are that the Obama administration and the members of the hard Left who oppose the Arizona law are apparently against the rule of law on its very face, and that the White House ostensibly feels that its own federal laws are unconstitutional.


July 21, 2010 – President Obama signs into law the financial regulatory reform bill, which is really nothing more than a bill that ensures that those in the middle class will never be able to ascend “above their place” and will have their wealth forcibly re-distributed to the lower classes, which, of course, will greatly assist the Democrats in their quest to dominate the voting tendencies of the lower class and to attain power in perpetuity. The bill will provide the government real-time access to every single financial transaction that all American citizens make, as well as real-time access to your personal bank accounts. Couple this with the health care bill, and, as Glenn Beck so aptly put it, the government now has access to your life (health care) and your pursuit of happiness (financial reform); all those in power need now to lock down the American people is to take hold of your liberty.

Now, think about it….what would the government need to take away your basic freedom to do as you wish? The answer is simple: KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION. Without the real truth, your personal decisions become increasingly determined by the information to which you’re allowed access…..the government’s version of the “truth”.

This is all quite strange because just coincidentally (of course), on the very same day that the financial reform bill became law, the racially-charged incident regarding Shirley Sherrod took place, and once all the details and the chronology of events became available, it certainly seemed as though the entire scenario was a well-orchestrated attempt to discredit Fox News. The far Left has been after Fox News for years, probably because they tell the…well…um….the truth. Put this together with the legislation to take control of the Internet that Harry Reid desperately wants to ram through before mid-terms, and it’s not really all that much of a stretch to think that on the very same day that our “pursuit of happiness” was ceremoniously taken away from us, it appeared that an attempt to restrict our ability to access information as we wish (our liberty, something that is rather Constitutionally important pursuant to the 1st Amendment) was also being made. Perhaps we could refer to it as a stealth Coup de Tat.

Now that’s what I call good ol’-fashioned tyranny. Yessiree. Sure makes one proud to be a socialist, doesn’t it? Makes your chest swell with pride.

The Sherrod incident, by the way, also served another purpose – it was one helluva distraction for the financial reform bill.

Tell ya what – if you’re a common-sense person who’s never been overtly political, but you voted for these people because it seemed as though it was the “right thing to do” because of your membership in a union, aren’t you happy now that you voted for nothing less than the dismantling of your own country?

Another reason to be proud.

July 24, 2010 - California Congressman Pete Stark, one of the single most unabashedly arrogant members of the Democratic Party, flatly claims in front of his own constituents that the power of the federal government is without limit and that the politicians in Washington, DC can do whatever they want.

Stop and think about that for a second. Geez, I always thought that liberals were against people with any sort of real power. I guess that doesn’t necessarily apply to Democrats.

July 27, 2010 – Details from the 2,500-page financial reform bill begin to emerge, which includes new demands on hiring for minorities and women, in addition to the creation of at least 20 new bureaucratic offices. Remember – Nancy Pelosi has told us that the legislative work being undertaken by the Democrats is all about “jobs, jobs, jobs”. As I’ve already pointed out, on that point, at least, she’s correct. Lots and lots of government-created, non-productive jobs are to be had by the American people, putting them even further under the thumb of the people who aspire to be the ruling class in this country. In fact, in an article written on the issue it says,

Deep inside the massive overhaul bill, Congress gives the federal government authority to terminate contracts with any financial firm that fails to ensure the “fair inclusion” of women and minorities, forcing every kind of company from a Wall Street giant to a mom-and-pop law office to account for the composition of its work force.

Oh, and one other little nugget – the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) no longer has to abide by the dictates of the Freedom of Information Act, one of the foundations of our Republic.

Yep, that should work out well. No potential for corruption there. No sir.

Lord knows what else is in that bill. But, as Nancy Pelosi once proudly stated,

Different bill, but alas, same point.

I’m breathless with anticipation.

July 28, 2010 – Judge Susan Bolton strikes down what is arguably the single most important part of the Arizona immigration law, that which requires police officers to determine the immigration status of a person detained or arrested. Strictly on its face, it would seem that the Democrats have just about sealed their fate in November.

Essentially, the U.S. Court system deems its own laws unconstitutional. Anyone who believes that there isn’t a larger agenda at work is either willfully ignorant or just plain incapable of seeing what’s going on, which is exactly the way that the Democrats would prefer you to be – ignorant and uniformed.

July 29, 2010 – President Obama appears on a daytime talk show, The View. Clearly, President Obama and his administration are in damage control, and an appearance on a talk show with an inordinately “user-friendly” audience is, for some reason, deemed to be politically expedient. The essence of the program is nothing more than a love-in and is a further demonstration that politicians in general feel that a little bit of style and charm goes a lot further than actually trying to run the country in a substantive fashion and doing right by the American people. Joyce Behar criticizes the right wing for “hijacking the narrative” regarding the information that is getting out to the people, when, in fact – either as a result of her own disconnectedness and elitism, her sheer ignorance, or her refusal to see the obvious – it is the American people who are making the difference in this country, as they still retain the freedom (at least for little while longer) to watch what they choose, which overwhelmingly is Fox News.

Perhaps the best part of the entire daytime appearance comes from the mouth of Katie Couric, one of the national news broadcasters who is becoming less and less relevant by the day (if not the hour) and is desperate to save her job with Pravda. When questioned about President Obama’s decision to appear on such a show and whether it diminishes the dignity of the office, Katie had this to say:

“One of my Facebook friends named Guthrie posted a message on my page today, asking if I think it’s beneath President Obama to appear on “The View.”
Guthrie, my answer is no.

It’s not beneath the President…or any politician…to try to reach out to all Americans, especially when our nation is facing so many challenges.
Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said the president should stick to “serious shows,” but it isn’t about Whoopi’s banter or Joy’s barbs…it’s about the audience. At a time when unemployment is near 10 percent and consumer confidence is falling, daytime television viewers may be exactly who President Obama needs to reach.

Many of those women and men…are home caring for their children…worrying about aging parents…or circling want ads looking for a job.
Now, the onus is on the guest and the hosts…to deliver the kind of serious discussion those viewers deserve…about the issues that matter most.”

Well, I’ll say this about Katie’s comments – she is right about one thing. With so many people unemployed as a result of President Obama’s job-killing policies, there are, indeed, an awful lot of people at home during the day whom he can reach. After all, they’ve got nothing better to do while they’re waiting for the government check.

Apparently, Katie…..our President is not the only one who’s a joke.

July 30, 2010 – The appropriately named Anthony Weiner, a Democratic congressman from New York, launches into a no-holds barred tirade on the House floor against Republican representative Peter King, screaming his claim that Republicans were once again stopping passage on an important bill, this one for medical benefits for the first responders during 9/11.

Wow. Sure makes those mean Republicans sound even meaner.

Well, as with all things left-leaning, Democratic, socialist, or liberal, there’s always something else behind the curtain. Apparently there was a pro-illegal immigration measure attached to the bill, in addition to the fact that if passed, it would reopen the Victims Compensation Fund until 2031 — instead of litigation, victims could try to get money from the fund. Republicans are calling the extension “well beyond what is needed to take care of latent claims,” according to a policy statement from the GOP.

Hmmm….that sure is strange. By having the bill primarily directed at assisting the real heroes of 9/11, one would think – at least on the surface – that nobody could possibly object to or vote “no” on such a benevolent measure. The problem, however, is that by “doing the right thing”, as Mr. Weiner suggests, a whole bunch of the Democratic undermining-of-America thing went right along with it into law.

What Mr. Weiner was also desperately trying to shield from the public’s knowledge – or perhaps hoping that they’d forget – was that the Democrats already had enough votes to pass the bill. The Democrats decided, though, that they would artificially inflate the required number of votes for passage so that Republicans would either have to vote for the measure (giving it a sense of bi-partisan validity) or object to it, therefore looking once again like those “evil rich white men”.

Of course, as a typical and really solid Leftist is wont to do, Mr. Weiner shouted down his adversary, thereby cutting off his ability to speak his mind (strange for a group of people who defend the right to “freedom of speech” so vociferously). In the end, Mr. Weiner’s “show” – which is really all it was – was sidetracked by the fact that the Republicans knew what was attached to the bill.

The temerity of those mean Republicans – actually knowing what’s in a bill ahead of time.



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