Just How Divorced From Reality IS the Left?

READ –> Washington Post: Woodward Book Chronicles Obama’s Fiscal Policy Battle With Congressional Republicans

The Republicans took control of the House, claiming 63 new seats, the largest turnover since the 1930s.

The book points out that the administration seemed unprepared for the road ahead, as demonstrated on election night in 2010. “Protocol dictated that the president make a congratulatory call to Boehner,” Woodward writes. “The trouble was, nobody in the White House had thought to get a phone number.”

Years ago, trying to complete a project for a Journalism class at Auburn while visiting an ex-girlfriend at Hobart & William Smith College in upstate New York, I had the chance to speak with and interview Bob Woodward about his career. It was incredible.

Here, so long as the text above is a fair summary of Woodward’s sentiments, I don’t know that I agree with him. It’s not that this president was necessarily “unprepared” on election night in 2010, it is that it simply does not occur to him or his flunkies that they could be perceived as wrong.

They have dismissed the resurgent Right as extremists, a small section of the country. At the same time, they attend and speak at conventions where the audience cheers wildly, sobs uncontrollably, and claps enthusiastically at the idea that they may somehow continue to murder unborn children in perpetuity so long as they elect their candidate.

This is an administration that is grossly out of touch. The Left itself is completely insulated from reality. What we are going to see this fall is a landslide, plain and simple, and the very idea that they could lose at all, nonetheless by eight points or more, is going to absolutely shatter the Left.

The Obama White House wasn’t without John Boehner’s telephone number because they were unprepared — they were unprepared because, in their mind, they could not see the writing that was displayed so prominently on the wall.

It’s going to happen again.  It might be wise for President Obama to commit Mitt Romney’s phone number to memory this time.



  1. Joe Dadi says:

    I just hope you are willing to bet your life on that and maybe this fantacy concept you have will correctly wain…

  2. Bonnie says:

    Do you mean fantasy and wane?..

  3. Bonnie says:

    Though I do not believe the election will be a blowout for Romney, I do believe that each voter owes it to himself/herself to educate themselves on the issues and from more than one source of information. Read many different publications(left and right ) and make an INFORMED decision. I am one Democrat who did so, and boy have I received an epiphany. The truth is out there. You just have to look for it.

  4. Bonnie says:

    I am upset that 2 of my comments were removed from your site. There was no offensive language or text in the messages. Come on people. Don’t you believe in free speech?

  5. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Bonnie, this is my fault. I’ve been busy building a law practice and have not been updating the site and comments as often as I should, and on October 20, the day you left the comments, my father-in-law had a series of mini-strokes that left him hospitalized and me otherwise engaged. It’s not that your comments were somehow excised — I just didn’t have the chance to approve them yet.

    There have been very few cases where comments have been scuttled. One of the people, who goes by “What’s Up,” has been apologized to personally, as his comments were flagged as spam or otherwise didn’t make the site.

    I wish I could do MORE here at AR–more pieces, more commentary, more debate–not less.

  6. TerryD says:

    That is the sad thing happening today with politics. One party gets elected and its off to the Rae’s together their agenda jammed through. Right or left it does not matter. Hopefully our new President will look at us as all Americans and not a campaign tool.

  7. Joe Dadi says:

    THIS acticle exactly deatils the problem with the right. As I wrote is September: I just hope you are willing to bet your life on that and maybe this fantaSy concept you have will correctly waNE…


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