No, Mr. President, WE Are the Ones America Has Been Waiting For (Part 1)

NOTE: Fresh off a well-received three-part series on education, AR Editor John Feeny has a brand new multi-part series on the importance of this election that will be running right up until the big day in November. As they publish, the pieces shall be able to be found in aggregate HERE. I am continuously amazed by John’s endless work ethic when it comes to sharing his perspective. He sets the bar high, and I find myself struggling to even keep up. I look forward to reading each and every piece. — Jeff

On November 4, 2008, as Barack Obama addressed a large crowd in Chicago as well as the people across the country and around the world upon having been elected 44th President of the United States, the carefully-chosen words that were no doubt written for him and that were seemingly intended to reach across history now appear – in retrospect, at least, if they didn’t seem so even at the time – well beyond those of an individual with a badly misplaced sense of self-importance.

Of those many signature words, the particular line that has always stayed with me, merely for its degree of self-presumptive arrogance, was this: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” He said it as though his was the voice of a generation whose pre-ordained destiny was to save human beings from themselves.

I can tell you this – one of the most telling signs of an individual who mistakenly sees his own star at the center of his own universe is when he announces that he is presently aware of his role in history.  Real history is made by those individuals who are never aware of it and who do not seek recognition.

During my time as a contributing writer at America’s Right, much of what I’d have to say about the administration of Barack Obama has been couched in the lessons of history. While many everyday Americans have become more and more outraged with the policies and behavior of the man currently in the office, a larger point to consider is that much of what we’ve seen and continue to see is really no different from recurrent episodes throughout history, periods when a self-appointed elite minority attempts to take power from its own people, all while claiming that they’re actually acting in the best interests of the people. The only unknown here is, of course, whether or not the proper choice will be made in order to restore the natural order of a free society. Our chance to survive this is quickly approaching.

If one does, in fact, take the time to study history, however, he will discover that nearly all “socialist” movements – call it whatever you will, i.e., collectivism, progressivism, or even something else more sinister – always have certain innate characteristics, one being the consideration that if a small group of “elitists” intend to persuade a much larger group of people to both unknowingly and willingly surrender their natural rights and freedoms, they must first change the people’s history from something that they once knew to something that they don’t even recognize. Certainly, that has been an ongoing process in our own country’s public and higher education system for roughly half a century now.

One of the novels that I have the pleasure of teaching to my students each year is Night, by Elie Weisel. As part of teaching my students about Weisel’s experiences as an inmate during the Holocaust, I always point out something that took place during the first moments when the Americans began the process of liberating the concentration camps. General Eisenhower, while initially touring the camps, told one of his immediate underlings to have someone get a camera and to record the horror, because there would no doubt be a lunatic some day in the future who would insist that this never happened.

There’s absolutely no question that part of the modus operandi of the Obama administration has been to attempt to change the context of the discussion as to what America has always been about, and in trying to achieve that end, the people involved have gone about it by ignoring certain events, using their bully pulpit in an attempt to restrict the voice of those who disagreed with them, and by outright lying. As this crucial election approaches, therefore, it is vital that we once again look over a four-year presidential record that is, in a word, shocking. Much like Eisenhower, it’s now time to bring out the “photographs” in an effort to prove to the American people, once and for all, that what they just experienced – however inexplicable – did, indeed, just happen.

Election Day, November 4, 2008 – February, 2009

Election Day, November 4, 2008 – Even before Barack Obama had been elected, there were already early indicators of the degree of cultural divisiveness that was on the horizon under the stewardship of this administration. Outside a polling place in Philadelphia, two members of the New Black Panthers, one of them armed with a night stick, intimidated voters and informed white people entering the facility that they “were about to be ruled by the black man.”

An obvious violation of the Civil Liberties statute, the Bush administration begins the process of bringing the case to federal court. Shortly after the new administration is sworn in, however, the case does, in fact, come to trial, a hearing before which neither defendant bothers to appear, resulting in an automatic summary judgment against the defendants – in other words, an automatic victory for the government. Rather than moving forward with a presumed penalties phase, however, the Obama administration, represented primarily by Attorney General Eric Holder, opts to dismiss the charges.

Interestingly, the New Black Panthers provide a continued culturally-corrosive undertone throughout the administration of Barack Obama, an undertone that is seemingly ignored and enabled by both Obama and Holder. At different points over the course of the next four years, the New Black Panthers will threaten the life of Glenn Beck, threaten to “kill crackers and their babies”, contribute to an extreme racial divisiveness that permeates the summer of 2010, put a bounty out on the life of Eric Zimmerman during the Trayvon Martin controversy, and, as the general election of 2012 drew ever more close, to “put their boots on the mother-f***ing necks of white people.”

That’s certainly bringing the country together right there. Yessir. Decidedly post-racial.

As the tallies came in that election night in November 2008 and it became evident that Barack Obama would become the 44th President of the United States, what could only be termed a “surreal” celebration began outside the White House gates, during which a communist flag was being proudly waved:

I only hope that the young people who so callously waved that flag both understood and appreciated the fact that hundreds of thousands of American soldiers died fighting for their right to wave the communist flag deep in the heart of liberty.

Probably not.

December, 2008 – Despite Constitutional law and restraints, some members of the far left – both in the blogosphere and in Congress – seemingly start to become impatient with the thought of rushing headlong into their agenda by saying that President Bush “should just step down” and that Barack Obama should simply “take over”. This sense of a complete unwillingness to wait for the chance to take over is compounded by Obama’s holding more press conferences in two weeks than President Bush did in a typical year, adorned by a sign attached to his podium that reads, “Office of the President-Elect.” Might as well have had a sign that read, “I WIN”.

I never knew there was an official office for the recently-elected individual, let alone a really cool sign that went with the speaking engagements. Perks, indeed.

January 20, 2009 – Inauguration Day, a day that will and rightly should go down in history, the day when the first black American ascends to the highest office in the United States. After roughly a century-and-a-half of working for their rightful sense of equality following emancipation, Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream seems to finally have been achieved.

President Obama, however, seemingly takes office amidst the death throes of America. There was, of course, a legitimate economic crisis that needed attention, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it was significant members of his own party who played leading roles in contributing to, if not outright orchestrating, the seriousness of the issue. In addition to all of this, though, it seemed that with America’s suddenly facing a myriad of fatal social and cultural problems as well – a health care crisis, the impending death of the planet itself as a result of carbon emissions, a potential swine flu epidemic, the survival of America’s ethical responsibilities as evidenced in what was being called “torture” – it seemed as though we didn’t know at which crisis to look first. Rham Emanuel, of course, was determined that none of them “would go to waste.”

January 22, 2009 – President Obama announces that Gitmo – that terrible place in which we hold suspected or actual Islamic terrorists, and where they get three squares a day, watch movies on flat-screen HDTVs, enjoy beautiful weather and a beautiful view (not to mention the complimentary prayer rugs) – would be closed one year from the day. To date, it still hasn’t been closed, more for political than his own ideological reasons. Whatever the case, this is one point for which I’ll give the President his due credit. I don’t care why it remains open, as long as it does.

More to this point, however, is that we were also taught by this administration during late January and into early February that we could no longer refer to the “War on Terror” as such, because – well – there apparently was no such war. Strange. Further, we were told that as a natural consequence of hostilities’ having been suspended against those who always seem as though that they’d like nothing more than to behead each and every one of us, the term “enemy combatant” was no longer applicable. We were now, officially, fighting an “Overseas Contingency Operation”.

Gosh, that does sound nice.

January 23, 2009 – President Obama demonstrates his complete unwillingness to protect the defenseless (kinda sounds like the Arizona situation as well, a situation that seems to drag on throughout the course of this administration) when he signs an executive order to repeal President Reagan’s “Mexico City” legislation, which means that millions of American tax dollars will now be reserved for destroying innocent babies, with their hearts still beating, inside their mother’s womb.

A couple of notes here: Planned Parenthood, which has always been “ground zero” for this holocaust, was the brainchild of Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist and early 20th Century Progressive (gosh, there’s that term again) who was an avowed admirer of the Nazis and a woman whose true intention was to exterminate the black man – go look it up, for Heaven’s sake.

In fact, the Nazis themselves were on record as saying that they learned many of their tactics from the early 20th-century American Progressives, most notably the Woodrow Wilson administration. Now, let’s see – which political party is aligned with the Progressives again?

Further, please don’t be fooled – much like the public school system in this country, Planned Parenthood is merely one big jobs program. Remember – Planned Parenthood is one of President Obama’s biggest campaign contributors, so he is very much beholden to them. Nancy Pelosi said it herself – “jobs, jobs, jobs.” She never said that they were productive jobs – just jobs that take up some easy time and put some cash in your pocket.

Lastly – Have you ever witnessed (on an ultrasound) an unborn child fighting for its life in his or her mother’s womb during the process of being aborted?

February 6, 2009 – President Obama announces his intention to drop charges against Abd Al-Rahim Al-Nashiri, the mastermind of the attack on the USS Cole. Obviously, this flies in the face of all sense of conventional wisdom and no doubt makes the surviving family members of the slain U.S. soldiers feel really, really happy. The temporary good news that came out of this was that military judge Army Colonel James Pohl refused to both drop the charges and to suspend all military tribunals at Gitmo for four months, as the President had apparently decreed. Of course, it wasn’t too long until President Obama found someone to do his bidding, that being the “Honorable” Susan J. Crawford.

February, 2009 – As many of us know, socialist dictators typically have single-handed control of a given country’s armed forces – i.e., Castro, Chavez, Stalin, Hitler, etc. That said, I’d be willing to bet that not many Americans are aware of a test balloon that the Obama administration sent up quite early into their time in power – to have our American armed forces pledge their oath of allegiance to the Office of the President, rather than to the Constitution. A spokesman for General James Cartwright, Vice-Chairman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was more than a bit disturbed by this attempted change in time-honored military law. The spokesman said, “The oath to the Constitution is as old as the document itself. At no time in American history, not even in the Civil War, did the oath change or the subject of the oath differ. It has always been to the Constitution.”

Kind of like the “pledge of allegiance or loyalty” to the flag, and not to a man. Hey, but that’s just me – one man who saw this as just a mite disturbing.

February, 2009 – President Obama’s selections for several of the cabinet positions in his administration come under serious scrutiny, especially given the fact that President Obama supposedly puts out a memo that requires any potential cabinet selection to declare if there is anything unbecoming in his or her past that would bring any degree of disrepute to this new, “transparent” administration that would not be trafficking in “politics as usual”. It is soon revealed that Tim “Turbo-Tax” Geithner and Tom Daschle have been seriously negligent in paying their taxes.

Beyond the obvious hypocrisy, I found this quite amusing, for a couple of reasons. First, since practically every American with an iota of common sense knew coming into this that the Obama administration was going to tax us for walking, for heaven’s sake, it was strange to see two of his top appointees apparently so unwilling to do their “patriotic duty” – strictly according to the words of our new, vaunted Vice-President, Joe Biden:

Second, it’s also strange because the Democrats have seemingly buttered their bread during the course of the past forty years by portraying Republican Party as the party of the “rich, corrupt, old white man”. I see. Well, tell me if I’m wrong on this one – but isn’t this behavior – deliberately refusing to pay taxes – the behavior of those that their own constituents (the neglected, shunned, and disenfranchised) are supposed to resent? Strange. What I see is a group of people that has absolutely zero use and respect for the group of people that they espouse to champion.

But that’s just me.

President Obama apparently also had the foresight to appoint a man named David Ogden to the position of Deputy Attorney General. Readers may or may not have heard of this man, but allow me to just give you the basic facts with regard to this individual: he is a man who has gone out of his way to defend child pornography as free speech. I kid you not.

So – nothing questionable in the backgrounds of these guys, wouldn’t you agree? That’s what I call real transparency.



  1. Brilliant piece. Everything you highlighted in Obama’s first few days in office should be enough to de-qualify him and send him packing. Honestly–what an embarrassment.

  2. whats_up says:


    Hate to burst your bubble my friend but Obama never once asked for anyone in the Army to pledge an oath to him. Since you cant actually seem to fact check things (you know to make sure they are actually factual) it brings your whole piece into question. For an educated man you really blew it with that one.

  3. nanas3 says:


  4. 2010, 2012 says:

    who would have ever thought this would become our america?
    a U.S. president removes the word GOD from his platform and
    offers no support for Israel in his agenda or even recognize Israel as capital.

  5. whats_up says:


    I am troubled by one part of this piece that is simply false. At no time did Obama or anyone in his administration ask for the military to swear allegiance to him. Why the inclusion of something so demonstrably false. The quote that you used was madeup in its entirety. The piece was satire and said as much. This puts your whole piece in jeopardy, if you havent checked the basic facts on that story how many others did you get wrong?


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