Seeing What Sticks in Florida 20

As many everyday Americans know by now, the past three-and-a-half to four years have generally seen the unraveling of the Democratic Party, as its progressive side has done its best to unravel what’s left of the greatest, freest nation in the history of man. Of that particular subset of individuals, Harry Reid has continued to demonstrate to all who are politically well-informed that he’s willing to do and say whatever he and/or the other really important people in his party deem necessary in their desperate attempts to cling to power. The most recent example of Reid’s (and liberals’) outrageous, schoolyard-name calling is his accusation that Governor Mitt Romney “hasn’t paid taxes in ten years”.   

That’s great, Harry. Just throw it out there, no sourcing, just see if it’ll stick to the walls of the 50% of people who pay no income taxes. Nice. Further, be sure to do it when you’re on the floor of the Senate, a place from which you have legal immunity.

That’s what I call courage and real manhood right there. Yessir.

It seems, however, that throwing blanket accusations against political rivals is neither limited  to the national scene nor to presumptive Republicans, for that matter. Even better, it seems as if calling into question the very character of a writer who is merely expressing his personal opinion on a local primary, a person whom an individual with an apparent vested interest in the outcome of the primary in question wouldn’t know from a hole in the ground, is also part of the political discourse in our country now. I always thought that the aggressive tactics in attempting to silence speech were the province of the political Left; apparently, some on the Right are quite comfortable employing this as well.

Several days ago, I published a piece in which I took some issue with Red State’s endorsement of Karen Harrington in the Florida 20 Republican primary, which is, of course, the decision of Red State. Just because I disagree with their endorsement doesn’t mean that I don’t respect their right to endorse whomever they’d like. This race will determine the candidate who will attempt to unseat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. As I clearly pointed out, I have friends and family in South Florida, so I pay attention to the politics of that region of the country, in addition to the hopelessly socialist politics of my home here in the Northeast. As a highly-motivated conservative activist, I don’t simultaneously and blindly throw stuff against the wall. I read, and I research. The nerve of me.

My purpose here is not to attack another individual. In fact, I’m not even going to give this person the satisfaction, either positive or negative, of putting his name in my article. Suffice it to say that my endorsement of Ozzie deFaria – who, for everything that I’ve been told and read about him, strikes me as an ideal candidate to run against and then, hopefully, remove Debbie Wasserman-Schultz from her seat in the House of Representatives – bothered certain people down South. For my opinion I was summarily browbeaten by one of the leading political bloggers in South Florida, a person who seems desperately to want Karen Harrington to run against Wasserman-Schultz. Lord only knows why; Wasserman-Schultz administered a 22-point bludgeoning to Mrs. Harrington in the 2010 elections. I suppose they all think it’ll turn out differently this time.

Then again, maybe they don’t.

Naturally, the attack that came my way led me to do what I always do, which is read and research. The only conclusion at which I can arrive is that blatant and unsourced character assassination is being employed against Mr. deFaria. Yes, there is an official file detailing his arrest, but as I pointed out in my previous piece, all charges in this case were dismissed a long time ago. In fact, here’s a clip of deFaria’s ex-wife speaking on behalf of his candidacy. It might just be me, but this certainly doesn’t strike me as a woman who holds a grudge of any kind against her former husband, all while standing side-by-side with their son:

The other attacks on his character are so vicious that they seem completely to contradict what I’ve come to learn of him. If each accusation is true, then documentation should be provided. That’s all the American people want – honesty.

Much like Harry Reid and the Democrats, however, this tactic of slinging baselessness seems to be a plague upon our politics, and, unfortunately, it leads to unqualified people being elected to some of the most powerful public policy positions in our country….and we’re not only talking about Congress here, either. Seems to have worked out pretty well, hasn’t it?

I have two final thoughts, the first being for Mrs. Harrington. Look, I’m not running for any type of elected office, but if I were so inclined, I would never consciously choose to hold with pride the endorsement of such a loose cannon. Second, for the individual who chose to berate me, allow me to say this: if the adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” is, in fact, true, then I’ll be the first to admit that yours is bigger than mine. I can assure you, however, that my pen is a lot sharper. Remember – it’s not how big it is, it’s what you do with it.


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