The Times …They Are a’ Changin’.

I dare say that I’m not the only person on the right side of the political debate that has engulfed our nation who feels as though things are truly beginning to turn for the good.

Barack Obama has indirectly implicated himself in the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal by throwing the cloak of “Executive Privilege” protection over his friend, Attorney General Eric Holder.

The crown jewel of the socialist agenda, Obamacare is, at least to some extent, approaching the rocks at close to breakneck speed.

One of my fellow conservative writers who appeared at the convention in Charlotte, NC, back in April, Shane Wright, sent out this rather inspiring message to our group on June 21st:

I’m at the Airport in Atlanta and just had my shoes shined by a 70-something African American. He’s been shining shoes since he was a teenager. Well, we started talking politics, and it turns out Bryan (shoe-shine guy) used to be a card-carrying Black Panther; he talked about how brainwashed he was and how despicable he thought conservatives and corporations were.

Then two years ago he said he had an awakening. Bryan says he’s never seen the nation struggle like this before, and for the first time in his life he realized that government was the problem and not the solution. For the first time in his life, he won’t be voting for a Democrat.

The message of liberty is ringing loudly. No one is unreachable. This was great motivation to keep fighting the good fight. I’ll blog about it shortly.

Indeed, while I don’t think any of us want to get too heady about the incredible and, quite honestly, historical progress we’ve made over the course of the past 3 ½ years, it’s becoming more difficult not to start feeling good. Obviously, though, we’ve still got quite a bit of work ahead of us.

Bearing all this in mind, my family and I have been on vacation in South Carolina this past week, where we had the opportunity to spend some time with Jeff Schreiber and his tribe. During one excursion into Savannah, Georgia, my family and I had the spontaneous opportunity to witness this on the streets:

Clearly, this is unbelievable talent, but just looking at the crowd that gathered around these young men as they sang was something to see. The ovation was more than impressive. Their names are Maurice Williams, Jhirmaine Williams, and Jermaine Roberson, and their group goes by the name M2J – The Savannah Riverstreet Singers. I, for one, hope that we all get to see them breaking into song before kickoff at a future Super Bowl.

These guys are what America is all about – taking one’s God-given talents and working for an opportunity to make something of yourself.  As is, I suppose, the guy on the motorcycle near the end of the anthem.  Sometimes freedom ain’t perfect, but I don’t think any of us would have it otherwise.

I wish these guys nothing but the best, as I do all of us in our fight to take back what belongs to the American people.

Oh, and Michelle?  Yes … all this just for a flag.



  1. TN cracker says:

    I wish everybody in the country could see this! It gave me goose bumps!!

  2. Randy Wills says:

    Hope you’re right, John, but I’m guessing that the “powers and principalities, the forces of darkness in high places” will see blood in the streets before they will relinquish the position that they have gained, primarily by concentrating their efforts on the educational system over the past 100-plus years. The evidence of that is that any population with a modicum of knowledge regarding the true effects of Natural Law, including economics and morals, would know that we are ripping apart the fabric of truth and using the remnants to bind ourselves to our own, inevitable, destruction.

    Obama and the Democrats may lose in the coming election, although I doubt it, but if that happens and the new administration tries to actually take effective measures to reverse the course we are on before the presently-inevitable collapse occurs, we may well find that we have become an ungovernable people due to the insidious lies spread by politicians such as Nancy Pelosi as she frames the pursuit of truth regarding “Fast and Furious” as an effort by Republicans to “suppress the vote”. Spoken like a true apostle of the “powers and principalities” which I referred to above.


  3. james Smith says:

    John I don’t know much but I do know John that the whole fast and furious was started by former President Bush NOT OBAMA! Obama is just the one that has put a stop to it saying that is not and effective way to control the drug wars of mexico. I don’t understand why FOX NEWS and you and some others keep saying that. It really doesn’t make sense to me and it is sad that our great country allows MISINFORMATION to continue to go on without reprocussion. I just think that people that lie deserve to be punished. I remember when I was a child and lied to my parents I would get punished. I learned very very fast to always be honest and I’m an independent but I keep seeing all this misinformation coming to a PRESIDENT that took a HORRIBLE situation and we are coming thru it amazingly and if anyone thought our economy would be fixed (after what BUSH left it in) overnight is frankly and idiot. But I do see the light at the end of the tunnel and the crazy thing is that if he weren’t being blocked at every corner because of some moronic politicians playing politics(republican congres) god knows how much further along we would be, frankly its amazing he has done as much as he has so far. REMEMBER the reason they sing this great ANTHEM is because they trust that our PRESIDENT will continue to work for them who are part of the 99% not the 1% which both BUSH and this CONGRESS are really working for.

  4. John Feeny says:

    James -
    I honestly don’t know how to respond to that. Wow.

  5. Randy Wills says:

    to “James Smith”:

    You sound like a sincere person, so please, please, do your research on the differences between the Bush-era gun-tracking program and “Fast and Furious “gun-walking” program under Obamas DOJ before you buy into the Democratic talking points. Seek truth, not support for pre-existing ideologic bias. If a majority of persons of good will are unable to do this, we are lost.

    If we can’t agree that there is only one truth, regardless of the question, and let “the chips fall where they may”, the divide will continue to grow. As I write this, Al Sharpton, Black Caucus members, and Harry Reid are all on TV pontificating on the “undeniable” race element of the search for truth by the House.


  6. Dee says:

    James, the “Fast & Furious” did not start until 2009. It is a different program as Randy says then Bushes. The economy under Bush did not start to go bad until the Democrats took over the House and Senate. BO had a Democrat majority in both until the 2010 election and he still has a majority in the Senate.
    BO has divided this country every way you can think of: white/black; rich/poor; Christians/non-Christians, and on and on. He preaches about being for the 99% at dinners where the guests have paid $40,000 to eat with him! I find that to be ironic.
    James, listen to both sides before passing judgements. Look around you and see what has happened since he took office. Let me know how much better it is now.
    Always nice to hear a different point of view.


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