On Spending, We Deserve Better from the GOP

RedState: More Evidence the GOP is Not Serious About Spending

On Facebook last night, John Hawkins–the fantastic purveyor of Right Wing News and other sites–contemplated how much spending has increased since the Republicans retook the House of Representatives–and with it, the purse strings–in 2010.  What he found, according to CNS News, is that debt is up $1.59 TRILLION under the new GOP house … that’s more than the debt incurred during the first 97 congresses combined.

Over at RedState this morning, I saw that the venerable Erick Erickson posted depressing new figures from the Club for Growth.

The Club has compiled a mini-scorecard of clean spending cut amendments from appropriations bills recently considered in the House. What they have found is, yet again, depressing.

  • Only 20 members of the House have voted for every amendment to cut spending. All are Republicans.
  • 50 members of the House have voted against every amendment to cut spending. 49 are Democrats. One is a Republican (Bonner).
  • The average Republican voted for spending cuts 59% of the time. (Republican Freshman are only slightly better at 60%.)
  • The average Democrat voted for spending cuts 6% of the time.
  • The nine Republicans, including four freshmen, who have least often voted to cut spending are: Bonner 0%, Meehan 4%, LaTourette 4%, Bass 4%, Simpson 4%, Lucas 4%, King, P. 4%, Grimm 4%, and Dold 4%
  • The eight Democrats who have most often voted to cut spending are: Matheson 32%, Rush 31%, Kucinich 30%, Polis 28%, Cooper 20%, McIntyre 17%, Velazquez 17%, and Honda 17%

We expect the Democrats to vote against spending cuts. Shame on the Republicans who joined them.

You know, we hear about how phenomenal this recent freshman class of Republicans was, and yet they only voted for spending cuts less than two-thirds of the time.  That’s not good enough.

We need to ditch this mentality of “I hate all congresscritters except for my guy,” and start taking a free market approach to our legislature — if you don’t perform, you’re out.


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