Don’t Mess With Duane

All American Blogger: How to Assert Copyright Over Your Work When it’s Been Plagiarized

So, while John Feeny and I were in Charlotte a few weeks ago for BlogConCLT, one of the workshops was on investigative work, and how to present that sort of work in a way that can make a tremendous impact on a local scale — this, versus what I find myself doing all to often here, which is making a very small impact (negligible) on a national scale.

While I think you may see a little more state-centric work from me here at America’s Right over the next few weeks and months–even if it’s bits and pieces about how a national issue affects us on a local level here in the Lowcountry–the truly investigative work takes time that, obviously, I haven’t been able to find in recent weeks and even months.

However, one of my good buddies in new media–and a blogger hero of mine–has hit a home run, not only with regard to substance but also with regard to what happened in the aftermath.  While I’ll leave it up to Duane for the details (click HERE for his piece, or click HERE for Duane’s story on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze), here’s the gist:  Duane took the time to wade through auditor’s reports, discovered some shortcomings in a local Sheriff’s Department, wrote about it, and then NINE DAYS LATER, watched as a small local newspaper ripped off his work at All American Blogger and ran it–nearly verbatim–as their own.

Then, after discussing his options with a few attorneys known in the conservative blogosphere–what am I, Duane, chopped liver?–he took things up a notch.  In true Duane Lester form, he brought his six-foot-five-inch Midwestern frame into that newspaper office, with camera in tow, and demanded to be paid for his work.  Here’s what happened:

I love every single second of this video.  I’ve watched it three times, and there’s so much victory in this video, that I might have to watch it again.  Truth be told, I’ve been slacking at America’s Right recently–I have my reasons, but still…–and watching my buddy in action is just inspiring as can be.

Go get ‘em.  Don’t mess with Duane.  Love it.



  1. Larry Sheldon says:

    Good job!

  2. John Feeny says:

    I need a cigarette.

  3. Jeff Schreiber says:

    That’s how I feel.

    Someone–I think it might have been Tabitha Hale–said that Duane became an “overnight blogger folk hero” overnight because of this video. He was already a hero of mine, but I cannot think of a better way for him to become acquainted with those who don’t know him.

    Duane is quickly ascending into a class of new media folks who are known for approaching this endeavor like a job, and doing the kind of work that makes it such. The amazing thing is that, for all of my excuses as to why I am not among this crowd (job, kids, etc.), Duane overcomes those same obstacles and more. He has a full-time job. He has, like, thirty-seven children.

    I feel very fortunate to call him a friend. I was delighted, John, that you had a chance to meet him and break bread with him in Charlotte. I also feel very fortunate that he’s on our side.


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