More Unseen Consequences of Environ-Meddling

MSNBC: Mixed Blessing: Cleaning Up Pollutants Fueled Hurricanes, Study Finds

It’s certainly not what officials had in mind when they curbed industrial pollutants called aerosols, but a new study suggests that doing so has had a big effect on Atlantic Ocean temperatures — and in the case of the U.S. can be linked to warming seas that fueled hurricanes like Katrina.

“When industrial pollution peaked over the Atlantic, this effect played a big role in cooling the ocean beneath,” Paul Halloran, a study co-author and ocean scientist with the British government’s Met Office weather service, said in a statement accompanying the study. “As pollution was cleaned up — for example after the clean air legislation of the ’90s — the seas warmed.”

So, how much and how often have we been lectured about how it was purportedly Global Warming–caused by polluting the atmosphere–that has strengthened hurricanes and what not?  Now, a new study shows that it was actually the actions of environmentalists which have warmed the seas.

Chalk another one up to unintended consequences of environ-meddling.  CFL bulbs will save the planet, they say, but the bulbs themselves contain dangerous levels of mercury.  Oil pipelines will destroy herds of wildlife, they say, but in reality the wildlife huddle around the warm pipelines during cold winter days.  Leave the underbrush alone for the sake of ground squirrels, they say, but in doing so they leave land, property and people more susceptible to damage and loss of life due to wildfire. Drilling platforms will eradicate aquatic life, they say, but we find out that the platforms have become almost like artificial reefs, teeming with fish and other critters.

I believe we’re winning the common sense war already against the global warming hacks, in part due to New Media, and in part due to the fact that the environ-meddlers cannot seem to get out of their own way.  With such a mild winter, you’d have thought we would have never heard the end of the climate change tomfoolery, but it wasn’t as ever-present as I truly expected it would have been.

Keep your fingers crossed, folks, that cooler heads will prevail.  That’s one kind of climactic change I could get behind.



  1. rose says:

    we know very little about the earth and enviroment, so how can we ever decide what is good or bad? we can’t. I am just amazed at how brainwashed americans can be (not sure of other nations don’t live there) they believe that co2 is a pollutant. I wonder if anyone in america reads a science book or chemistry or even a botany book?

    co2 is absorbed by plants to make food and they in turn release oxygen. imagine that, oxygen. we breath oxygen so do the animals. wow who would of thought such a good relationship could be well so good? who would of ever thought of making such an arrangement?

    as for global warming, I wish the earth was warming I would welcome it, I am tired of cold springs. when I was young I would be wearing shorts in april, now I have to wear sweaters and pants. it is cold in comparison we also the past few years besides being colder then usual for several years but have alot more rain they usual. my poor plants just can’t handle it and wither from the fungus.

    this mild winter is a welcome relief to me. I just wish people would leave the atompshere a lone and stop trying to change it by spraying sun block or putting up mirrors or whatever the other stupid stuff they keep doing. if they are trying to save us and the animals I wish they would stop. I can’t handle their salvation attempts. it is killing me. there enviroment crusade is doing more harm then good. of course that could be the true agenda or the wolf in sheeps clothing.


  2. Hollycole20 says:

    Human life is the most important factor to consider when we look at our environment. Most people did not mind what they emitted into the air. Those unseen hazards is the cause of all our afflictions in life. Medical practitioners cannot figure out what is the real cause of most ailments nowadays and how they come to one’s body. Great, when our scientists will help to prevent these fatal pollutants.

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