“Jeff Schreiber … a Constitutional Scholar”

All American Blogger: Politi-Fact Rates Obama’s SCOTUS Claim “False” and Jeff Schreiber a Constitutional Scholar

Okay, so I edited Duane Lester’s headline a little bit — so, sue me.  (Please don’t.)  Still, besides the whole part over there at All American Blogger about me being a “constitutional scholar,” everything Duane said is true.  Politi-fact DID say that Obama was wrong.  I DID participate in Duane’s successful podcast last night.  And Rutgers School of Law — Camden IS better than Harvard.

Well, maybe not on the last part.

Still, click on over to Duane’s site for a link to his podcast from yesterday.  I always love talking to Duane.

And, while you’re at it, check out some of the broadcast-podcast material we’ve been churning out here on America’s Right Radio.  We’re still fighting technical issues, as we’re new at this, but the vast majority of what we do is very informative.  Check out the archives HERE, and participate in shows every Thursday night — call in, and give me a piece of your mind.  (Not literally.)

By the way — never, in a million years, would I consider myself a “constitutional scholar.”  As I pointed out in my open letter to the president, I can debate family law here in the Palmetto State better than the Constitution.  If you want someone who really knows the Constitution and the Supreme Court, check out my interview with Clark Neily, constitutional lawyer and co-counsel for Dick Heller in the landmark DC v. Heller Second Amendment case, during the March 29, 2012 podcast of America’s Right Radio.


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