A Practical Guide to ‘White Hispanic’ Skin Color

Have you been following the mainstream media’s desperate spin on the Trayvon Martin shooting?  Click HERE for a brilliant and informative infographic from the ever-excellent SooperMexican — essential for anyone following the coverage.

And, join me and John Cardillo on Thursday night at 10:00 p.m. as we bring in a few guests and discuss the shooting, its aftermath, and the politics and practicality of Castle Doctrine on America’s Right Radio.



  1. nanas3 says:

    Can you imagine the reaction if someone referred to Obama as “White African-American” which is technically correct? The true racists are Louie Ferret-Con, Bro. Jackson and Bro. Sharpton who would have no dialogue except to promote racism. A tragic situation has been used to incite and revive racial hatred at a time when progress had been made in our country. We all want justice in this case as in all instances where lives are lost or rights violated. The crime statistics show there are more black on black murders than white on black but that fact gets lost in the conversation. This man, Zimmerman, was on his way to a store so I don’t think he set out to look for an African-American boy to kill. The intent was not there but was he negligent in the way he handled the situation?….maybe the investigation will resolve all the questions. There are other real criminals roaming the streets and putting a bounty on a man’s life….the Black Panthers are allowed to intimidate, threaten and solicit murder and nothing is done. Why?


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