Stand Your Ground

Nothing is going to change the fact that Trayvon Martin’s death is tragic. A young person just entering the prime of life should never be cut down in such a fashion. All of the arguments and debates about Zimmerman’s role as a community watchman and the “stand your ground” law that have and will continue to take place will not back bring Trayvon back.

That having been said, there’s a lot about this case that needs to be exposed, not the least of which is what actually happened. Judging by the near-caterwauling of the liberal left, I’m not so certain that they’re truly interested in “what actually happened”, because it may very well turn out that the facts of the case might not fit neatly into what they seemingly have already decided is the truth.

If it turns out that the facts in the case warrant that Zimmerman should stand trial for his actions, so be it; if he’s found guilty by an impartial jury of his peers, send him to prison. It seems, however, that the liberal left has decided that it is the collective judge, jury, and executioners based solely on the idea that Zimmerman is a “white Hispanic”.

In another era this was called a lynching. Seems that this is a high-tech lynching.

Unfortunately, rather than our being assured that all of the relevant and rational minds in the case are coming together in order to sort out all of the facts in an effort to come to a real, genuine conclusion, we’re being treated to the media’s version of what it desperately wants – what it needs – to be true. As I’ve already stated, if Zimmerman is actually guilty, he deserves the appropriate legal punishment. The sycophantic media, though, has in their hands an opportunity – a golden one from their twisted way of looking at the world – one in which the volume can be simultaneously turned up on several of the crown-jewel issues of the Democratic party: whipping the far-Left base into a ferocious lather, the standard divisive tactic of race-baiting, further attempting to disarm the American people by once again ratcheting up the call for gun control, and most importantly, crafting a heightened and acceptable soundbite-driven political storyline that can be endlessly repeated and that will either lead to greater activity in the far-Left voter base and turnout, and, quite possibly, civil unrest in the streets. Of course, this could easily lead to the federal government’s decision to clamp down even more tightly on the American people.

Call it Rodney King on steroids.

Roughly two weeks ago, Bill O’Reilly, in one of his segments with Bernie Goldberg, if I remember correctly, expressed his concern regarding the general degree to which the majority of the American electorate is truly informed about legitimate issues and the nature of the extraordinarily important things that are currently taking place in our country. It’s a pretty safe bet, I think, to say that of the people who do turn out to vote in November, roughly 50% of those people are guided by the “hit-and-run away” reporting on the most salacious subjects by what passes for a mainstream media. Consequently, as O’Reilly offered in his analysis, there will be a dangerous number of people who go into the voting booth in November with an essentially fictional storyline as to what’s actually taking place in America today.

Which, I would guess, is exactly the way that the American Left wants it.
As a favorite author of mine said long ago, “He who controls the discourse controls the reality.”

My son is a big fan of the NBA, and though he loves the Boston Celtics, he watches any game that he can. Consequently, I had the opportunity a couple of nights ago to see many of the players at the beginning of several games standing in solidarity with Trayvon Martin by standing on the court and collectively wearing “hoodies”. While I’ll assume that the gesture in and of itself is heartfelt, I couldn’t help but feel mildly disturbed. In my mind, the gesture also represented an abstract (not real) threat. While I’m certain that liberals the country over would love to jump on and castigate me for essentially calling “all NBA players thugs” because most of them are African-American and because they were wearing “gangsta attire” in their pronouncement about the tragedy regarding Trayvon, I’m doing nothing of the sort; what I did feel was an abstract threat from those in power in this country – those who are crafting the storylines – as to how far they’re willing to go in their efforts to forcibly and culturally terraform American society.

As I watched these players in their hoodies, I was immediately reminded of the film Wag the Dog, a film that makes a strong statement about the manner in which those behind the scenes in Washington and a complicit media construct these storylines for America. I couldn’t help but think about the events in the movie surrounding the captured American soldier named Shcumacher. As the clip is incapable of being embedded, it can be viewed here:

That particular clip pretty effectively speaks to the types of shenanigans with which we’ve been inundated by the Obama administration and its media allies during the past several years. An eerily similar comparison is the picture of “Schumacher” (photograph of Woody Harrelson) and Zimmerman’s ‘mugshot’ effectively placed next to an innocent-looking Trayvon from several years ago, which is clearly intended to stoke rage in the hearts of viewers, people who should be justifiably incensed that a “white Hispanic” bully such as Zimmerman could so callously take the life of such a wonderful young man. And, allow me to say again, Trayvon may have been a wonderful kid; I don’t know. I never knew him, just as 99% of the country didn’t. Crafting the storyline through carefully-chosen pictures, however, isn’t very difficult. For example, take a look at this:

Sure makes one think a second time, doesn’t it?

In fact, how many people nationwide are even willing to listen to the fact that Zimmerman and his wife had been mentoring two African-American teens? Or, for that matter, that a man who witnessed the struggle has come forward and essentially corroborated Zimmerman’s account of his being attacked by Martin?

I think that people around the country who consider themselves Liberals need to start asking more questions about serious issues that are seemingly left uncovered rather than to allow themselves to accept blindly what the mainstream media provides us: extended, emotionally-charged coverage of cases such as Trayvon Martin’s and the Duke lacrosse non-scandal but nothing at all about a case ten times worse that was perpetrated upon a young white couple by black men – the Chris Newsome and Channon Christian case. More recently, a young white boy was bullied and set on fire by several young African-American teenagers, but nary a word on these events passes the lips of the mainstream media’s talking heads.

It might just be me, but that certainly strikes me as a pattern.

As we move into the summer months of 2012, I think most of us will agree that there will probably be more attempts on the part of the American Left to control the storylines in our nation, no doubt in hopes of distracting the uninformed voters from the unabashed failures of the Obama administration, further convince them that they’re victims of some unspeakable wrongs that have been perpetrated upon them, and even to possibly conjure up some unrest in the streets. I think the worst part of all of it is simply this:

I don’t think the Leftists in our country really care about Trayvon. What we’re seeing is Liberals trying to ignite a nationwide mob in the name of justice for him.

This is not justice. It’s an agenda.



  1. Chuckles759 says:

    John, I noted that contrasting photo of Zimmerman and Martin really did make me think a second…so did a little digging. Seems that the young black man in the photo is not THE Trayvon Martin. I completely agree with you that literally the jury has not come back yet and that everyone needs to give our justice system a chance to do its work.


    “UPDATE: Doug Ross just sent an email stating [re: image above], “That photo of Trayvon doesn’t appear to be the correct one. That one is a younger Travyon from Savannah GA (middle school and gang name match Savannah)…”

  2. Dee says:

    John, thank you for addressing this issue. I just read about the Mississippi student who was killed in his dorm. He was white and 3 African-American males, who did not belong there, were seen in the dorm. Will BO address this? Why are the Black Panthers allowed to basically go bounty hunting for Zimmerman? If BO truly wanted to bring the races together, he would demand that they not do that and threaten them with arrest. What about the attacks on those who attended the fair last year? I fear that if Zimmerman is allowed to be free, and if he is innocent he should be free, there will be riots. Personally, I think the relationship between the races has become worse since BO was elected. I don’t think he wants to represent “all the people” in the US. Only those select few.

  3. T.I.M. says:

    It’s time for those who believe in facts to stand their ground. Sharpton. Jackson, Durbin, Schumer — which Democrat will be next to jump to the front of this political parade? Maybe it’s time to decry the liberal “War on Reality” or “War on the Constitution”.

    Mike Lupica’s latest article contends the NRA wants to make purchasing a gun as easy as buying a lottery ticket, while claiming the biggest threat in New York City is illegal guns (ignoring the fact that the best deterrent, with police not at hand, would be legal guns). He then states that young blacks are 23 times more likely to be homicide victims, ignoring the fact that the odds are something like eight to one that the shooter will also be a young black.

    Finally, thanks for the “Wag the Dog” clip. I’m going to re-rent it. Interesting that it could have been predicting Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

  4. John Feeny says:

    T.I.M. – I was also a little freaked out when I saw the peace prize comment. I’d forgotten about that.

  5. T.I.M. says:

    One quick update: now Jackson and Sharpton are being rightfully called race hustlers by a Texan — C.L. Bryant, black, former chapter head of the NAACP.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “A young person just entering the prime of life should never be cut down in such a fashion.”

    I wish this had different wording.

  7. Mike says:

    I understand your point…..but I find it funny that you subliminally (or maybe not) just did the exact same thing that Zimmerman was accused of; and thats wrongfully (or maybe racially) profile someone.

    You see a young Black Man with a du-rag (or whatever that is on his head), his pants sagging and giving the cameraman the finger and you think that AUTOMATICALLY makes him a violent thug. Keep in mind that a lot of these kids come off and thugs, but theyre really Mama boys/perpetrators.

    If you wanted to make a case for ZimmerMan….then you shoudlve been more intelligent and used a different route instead of using the exact same route that the people that youre lashing out against used.

    You make yourself look just as ignorant as the media did when they posted that 10 year old picture of Trayvon and posted that Jail picture of Zimmerman.

    Theres lots of people like you….just look at the people that replied to your post. Deep down these people cringe or frown when they see a young Black Male that resembles the one in that picture your posted. You all probably get nervous and lock your car doors, tell your wives to clutch their purses or maybe reach for you all’s concealed weapon…lol; Because you never know what can happen around these sort of people….right?

    You all’s ignorance’s is due to you all’s flawed perceptions of people that you really dont fully understand. You all dont travel and get out much. You all live scared in your suburban communities because the Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans etc are out to get you ooohhhh …lol. Because of this you all are left to depend on the News, Hip Hop videos, criminals in prison, etc etc to help you better understand people that you really dont want to fully understand.

    Anyways…..this blog post along with the mentalities of the people who’ve responded is what makes America seem like a shitty place to people who arent narrow minded White folks. Im European American and Ive ran into my fair share of useless Blacks, but Ive been raised by great parents and Ive traveled enough to know that you cant judge a book by its cover.

  8. John Feeny says:

    Mike -

  9. isabel pausa says:

    Sad how the media has turned this into a racial case. Does anyone rememebr the high school boy is flroida that was bullied and set on fire by three african american classmates? How come Jesse and Al are not commenting on this.

  10. isabel pausa says:

    Mike, YAWN as well

  11. DARYEN says:

    its funny how people get on here and belittle one case by bringing up an opposite case., but thats no rascist at all right?

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