Filling the Forced Faith Vacuum

NRO: Mark Steyn: Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

A phenomenal short piece on the aftermath of the tragic Toulouse shooting by one of my favorite political writers and fill-in radio hosts, Mark Steyn.  In the piece, he offers a stark assessment of the formulaic way in which society and the media reacts to these types of incidents, whether they be by Nidal Malik Hasan and his “workplace violence” at Fort Hood, or Faisal Shahzad and his botched Times Square bombing attempt — attempted, that is, because he was frustrated with Republican opposition to Obamacare, of course.

What really caught my eye, however, was the final paragraph — and, specifically, the second-to-last sentence.

Once in a while, it will be somebody else killing the schoolkids. But is it so hard to acknowledge that rapid, transformative, mass Muslim immigration might not be the most obvious aid to social tranquility? That it might possibly pose challenges that would otherwise not have existed — for uncovered women in Oslo, for gays in Amsterdam, for Jews everywhere? Is it so difficult to wonder if, for these and other groups living in a long-shot social experiment devised by their rulers, the price of putting an Islamic crescent in the diversity quilt might be too high? What’s left of Jewish life in Europe is being extinguished remorselessly, one vandalized cemetery, one subway attack at a time. How many Jewish children will be at that school in Toulouse a decade hence? A society that becomes more Muslim eventually becomes less everything else. What is happening on the Continent is tragic, in part because it was entirely unnecessary.

While readers of America’s Right and listeners of America’s Right Radio undoubtedly understand how I feel about Rick Santorum, one place where my former senator consistently gets it right–even if it’s not entirely relevant to the current political situation insofar as what will get Barack Obama out of the White House after this year–is in his assessment of the forced erosion and subordination of Judeo-Christian values.

In Europe, that forced subordination has worked hand-in-hand with mass immigration of Muslim populations, compounding the societal change.  I don’t want to see that happen here any more than it already is — so, in the future, when I get down on Santorum’s inability to hold certain issues in abeyance, remind me about this particular quote from Mark Steyn.

And please, in the meantime, read the Assigned Reading piece linked above.  Entirely worth your while.


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