Daily Reminder: March 10, 2012

Three years ago today, news broke that the very same administration seeking universal health care coverage for all, including illegal immigrants, was considering a plan which would require that returning combat veterans foot their own bill via private insurance for treatment of injuries occurred while serving our country on the battlefield.

The plan was considered by the White House because it would have reportedly saved $540 million. This same White House, however, had no problem sending $900 million to Hamas, spending $650 million on digital television converter boxes, or pouring $400 million into the farce that is global warming.

For those who stole their way into America under the cover of darkness, it’s “si, se puede.” For those who spilled blood for America on lonely battlefields overseas, however, it’s “thanks but no thanks.”

Fortunately, met with bipartisan common sense opposition, President Obama acknowledged and scrapped the plan. Unfortunately, it took him more than a week to decide to do so.


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