Breitbart’s Final Piece The Vetting, Part I: Barack’s Love Song to Alinsky

Before his passing, Andrew Breitbart promised to do what the mainstream media had not — to vet Barack Obama in time for November’s election.  This piece of Assigned Reading, linked above, is the beginning of exactly that effort.  The column was written by Breitbart himself, and covers a play–The Love Song of Saul Alinsky–at which then-state Sen. Barack Obama not only attended, but also participated afterward in a panel discussion.  A few excerpts:

So, what’s in the play? It truly is a love song to Alinsky. In the first few minutes of the play, Alinsky plays Moses – yes, the Biblical Moses – talking to God. The play glorifies Alinsky stealing food from restaurants and organizing others to do the same, explaining, “I saw it as a practical use of social ecology: you had members of the intellectual community, the hope of the future, eating regularly for six months, staying alive till they could make their contributions to society.”

The play finishes with Alinsky announcing he’d rather go to Hell than Heaven. Why? “More comfortable there. You see, all my life I’ve been with the Have-Nots: here you’re a Have-Not if you’re short of money, there you’re a Have-Not if you’re short of virtue. I’d be asking more questions, organizing them. They’re my kind of people – Hell would be Heaven for me.”

That’s The Love Song of Saul Alinsky. It’s radical leftist stuff, and it revels in its radical leftism.

And that’s Barack Obama, our president, on the poster.

Read the rest of the piece.  Fantastic work.  I wouldn’t expect anything else from Mr. Breitbart.  I miss him already.

To the extent that Andrew dissects this play and subsequent panel discussion, and explores the nature of the people who were attending the play and discussing it afterwards–”Are we expected to believe that ‘Baracka Obama’ was a countervailing voice of reason on a panel of radicals?” Breitbart asks–I wonder whether or not a good vetting will have much of an effect on Obama’s candidacy.  Yes, it is true that the mainstream press covered for him and outright refused to vet the president adequately in 2007 and 2008, but I worry that those committed to the president will remain committed to the president regardless, and view any exposure of the truth as simply a knock by conservatives on an untouchable man.

I remember the day that, during his re-election campaign, Philadelphia Mayor John Street had to face cameras after it came out that an FBI surveillance device had been found in his office in City Hall.  His poll numbers jumped by 15 points in the days afterwards — many of his supporters felt as though the bug was an example of “The Man” keeping Mayor Street down.  I worry that the same will happen with Barack Obama.




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