RIP Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012

While I am sure that the Left will have plenty of vile things to say about the passing of Andrew Breitbart, I don’t know that I’m quite ready to be angry yet.  For now, it’s disappointment.  I never got a chance to meet Mr. Breitbart–though he was scheduled to be at a bloggers conference in April that I plan to attend–but I know several people who can personally attest to the kind of man he was both in front of and behind the cameras.

Personally, while I could never put anything together like NRO writer Jonah Goldberg did today due in part to my lack of personal acquaintance, as a conservative there was a certain comfort in knowing that Mr. Breitbart was out there fighting the fight.  That comfort lives on in other folks–Michelle Malkin and Jim Hoft and Ed Morrissey among the more well known, and Tabitha Hale and Melissa Clouthier and Kristina Ribali and Kurt Schlichter among the lesser known–but without Andrew Breitbart there is most certainly a void.

The Resurgent Right and New Media lost a legend today.  God bless Andrew Breitbart, and we here at America’s Right extend our thoughts and prayers to him and to his family.



  1. 2010-2012, well done b-bart! says:

    i believe it was jonah goldberg who described him as one of the most fearless people he had ever known – a thing i often thought of him on several occassions whenever i heard him speak or read his comments. he was indeed fearless which leads me to believe he was quite confident in whatever knowledge he shared – a great place to be.

    to his family, friends: we loved him too though not possibly as much as you did and we hope your grief is short and you can quickly move onto the wonderful contributions he has given and will continue to give.

    to the angels whose company he now shares: enjoy this precious one as you welcome him home.

    to breitbart: look, my friend … they can hardly wait until you touch down on another shore you will now be calling home. continue to smile for and with us…

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