Deconstructing Media Matters

The Daily Caller: Inside Media Matters: Sources, memos reveal erratic behavior, close coordination with White House and news organizations\

Collusion between the Soros-funding Media Matters for America and the White House, not to mention biased “journalists” the world over.  Drug use and mental health problems, combined with paranoia and bodyguards illegally carrying guns in D.C.

Read the piece linked above. Start to finish. There is waaaaaay too much to excerpt.

It shows the level of coordination on the left.  It shows the protective nature when it comes to taking care of their own.  It shows that, under no circumstances, should MMFA be a 501(c) nonprofit organization. And, frankly, it raises concerns as to whether the resurgent right in America can survive the attacks of the coordinated progressive left.



  1. Randy Wills says:

    “And, frankly, it raises concerns as to whether or not the resurgent right in America can withstand the attacks of the coordinated progressive left.”

    Well said, Jeff, and I too am deeply concerned that the Conservative position has been manuevered into an untenable pre-election position by the White House and its minions.

    I am compelled daily to recognize where we are in this coordinated global assault on all that is right, of which the current U.S. political contest is only one manifestation. Our peril cannot be fully grasped without internalizing the truth of the Word, which says “___ our stuggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in high places.” (Eph. 6:12).

    Without recognizing this, our future is a progressive loss of individual freedom, ending in bondage to an all-powerful centralized government.


  2. Joe Dadi says:

    If you actually read Media Matters you would find it quoting word for word what was said by person X followed by a long list of facts pointing out person X’s distortions or outright lies.
    I realize that reading all that extraneous jibber jabber causes some people to have a head-ache so they just skip it… Believe what they think make sense, not necessarily what is factual.
    Now, you can label me or anyone in any way you want but facts are facts and the Right’s opinions about the Left writes or says are just that, opinions.
    I challenge everyone on the Right to do the same type of exercise, find a quote by someone you like and agree with, and then find out what really happened or was said.
    FYI, people who a labeled as leaning Left are angered by the Rights unhinged opinions being mascaraed around as the truth.

  3. Randy Wills says:

    To”Joe Dadi”:

    Perhaps you would be kind enough to provide a few examples of “the Rights (sic) nhinged opinions”. That might be the basis for a good discussion of “facts” and “truth”. I’m open for it.


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