Daily Reminder: January 30, 2012

At about this time back in January 2010, who was it that said the following about President Barack Obama after the State of the Union Address was finished?

“You know …
I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.”

Could it have been Ted Nugent? Certainly, Uncle Ted is always good for a few controversial comments.  Perhaps it was David Duke?  He’s still out there somewhere, right?  Or, maybe it was Newt Gingrich?  After all, Fox News contributor Juan Williams surely believes him to be racist for daring to suggest that kids should be getting a job.

Nope.  Wrong.  None of the above.  It was actually THIS guy:

Good grief. Liberal Democrats like Matthews love to talk about being “post-racial.” They said that Barack Obama would be “post-racial” during and after his 2008 campaign. And, frankly, it would be great if we all were truly post-racial — the problem, however, is that the left simply doesn’t want to let race go. Race is a great dividing tool for the left … it foments discord, it facilitates class warfare, and it destroys without a chance for defense.

Barack Obama is a black president. Yes, his mother was white — who cares? Aside from the mere fact that Barack Obama has been an incredibly destructive president, he should be lauded for one enormous thing: now, there is no more opportunity gap. Any child growing up across America, whether that child is black, white or anywhere in between, can grow up to be an [ineffective] president. No more excuses.

Perhaps if folks like Matthews would start appreciating that angle of a man who is black 24 hours a day, we’d all be better off.



  1. T.I.M. says:

    For a minute there, I forgot Chris was supposed to be a journalist.

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