Jason vs. The Judge

The Political Operatives: My Conversation with Judge Andrew Napolitano

On myriad occasions, I have argued that the peril of non-interventionism is that at some point it leads to isolationism, and that the peril of isolationism is that at some point it can lead to idealism and ignorance.

I’ll be the first to stand up and applaud his domestic policy, but when it comes to all matters foreign policy and national security, Congressman Ron Paul has indeed reached the point of idealism and ignorance, and a foreign policy and national security worldview based upon rainbows, unicorn farts, and blind faith in those who want to murder us is going to get a lot of good people killed.

I am happy and honored to call Jason Whitman a new friend following our introduction at BlogCon in Denver, Colorado in November.  He and I see eye-to-eye on all sorts of things, from everything from politics to personal finance to green chili breakfast burritos.  The linked piece here is an accounting of a fantastic and enlightening conversation that he had with noted libertarian and admitted Ron Paul supporter Judge Andrew Napolitano via Twitter.

The nature of the conversation in the piece linked above makes it near impossible to excerpt effectively.  Still, the conversation is worth looking at, as it reinforces the overt threat to national security that is the idyllic worldview espoused by Congressman Paul and many of his supporters.



  1. Jordan Bell says:

    If it truly is necessary to go to war with these foreign countries, then why won’t Congress give a declaration of war? Why do we continue to give more power to the Executive branch to unilaterally carry out a war or occupation wherever it feels like it? An Executive branch acting on its own outside the binds of the Constitution is nothing more than a dictatorship.

    Ron Paul has stated that he would not commit US troops unless Congress declared war. He would not attack Iran, or any country for that matter, unless Congress declared war.

    Many people keep saying that we need to get back to the Constitution and the Rule of Law. You have one man, Ron Paul, who takes his oath seriously and abides by the Constitution, yet you discredit him on his foreign policy because he isn’t a warmongering chickenhawk like the rest? Where in the Constitution does it give the President the ability to police and occupy a foreign country?

  2. Jordan Bell says:

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