Hey Prez … Put Up or Shut Up

IBD: Keystone Pipeline XL And Jobs — Put Up or Shut Up

A great piece by the folks at IBD, showing the president’s passion for political expediency and aversion to true economic and job growth.  An excerpt:

The irony was mind-boggling when President Obama addressed a group of business leaders at the White House last Wednesday on his plans to reward “insourcing.”

“There are workers ready to work right now,” he told them. “In the next few weeks, I will put forward new tax proposals that reward companies that choose to bring jobs home and invest in America — and eliminate tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas. Because there is opportunity to be had right here.”

Indeed, there are opportunities right now for companies to bring jobs to the U.S. and workers ready to fill them, as U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue reminded Obama the next day during his “State of American Business 2012″ address.

“We can put 20,000 Americans to work right away and up to 250,000 over the life of the project,” Donohue said. “Labor unions and the business community alike are urging President Obama to act in the best interests of our national security and our workers, and approve the pipeline.”

The president’s inherent hypocrisy here erodes the idea that he is in favor of achieving growth and positive change through truly shovel-ready projects.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is right that the pipeline really is a shovel-ready project just begging for a ground-breaking.  The problem is that getting the economy moving and getting Americans back to work again gets in the way of the Democrats’ goal of increasing dependency on government.

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