Pelosi’s Prognostications

Politico: Nancy Pelosi: GOP Knows Mitt Romney Can’t Win

The House’s top Democrat repeatedly jabbed at the former Massachusetts governor during an hour-long interview hosted by POLITICO and taunted the GOP for a slate of presidential contenders that she said was “not exactly what you would call the first string of the Republican Party.”

“If the far right thought that Romney could win, they might be more enthusiastic about him,” Pelosi told POLITICO’s Mike Allen during Tuesday’s Playbook Breakfast. “But they question what he stands for and they don’t think he’s going to win. So what’s the sell? I’m not sure he knows what he stands for, and that makes it harder too.”

While I do share some of Fancy Nancy’s doubts as to Mitt Romney’s electability, simply because the #Occupy left and the president have been gearing up for a class-warfare-based campaign for years, keep in mind that Pelosi is the same woman who predicted in January of 2009 that, if we did not pass Barack Obama’s stimulus plan, the United States would be losing 500 million jobs per month.

And while I certainly can’t get enough of Pelosi’s prognostications, this has to be my favorite part of the Politico piece:

And though she remains one of the most prominent congressional figures, Pelosi said she has no problem with Obama running against a so-called “do-nothing” Congress as he campaigns to keep the White House in 2012.

“This is a Congress that has done such a disservice to our country,” Pelosi said. “Bless their hearts. They do what they believe, these Republicans. They do what they believe. And they do not believe in a government that has any role in clean air, clean water, food safety, public safety, public health, public education, Medicare, Medicaid.”

Actually, I’d make the argument that the government does have a role in those very things–or at least some of them–but that the liberals in charge of our federal government have so perverted that role, such as by using agencies like the EPA to act extralegislatively and stifle economic growth in the name of clean air, that the government has lost the ability to do what little it is supposed to do in the first place.



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