Entitlement Problem? Never!

BuzzFeed: People Who Didn’t Get What They Wanted for Christmas

Just a sample of what you’ll find at the link above:

@SeanMcmaster1 My parents are the worst mother F**king parents in the world f**k you mom and dad for not getting me a Iphone. F**K YOU. FML. #Iphone

@mikaelatorixo I’m so jealous of everyone with the white iPhone and I have this ugly black one

@Liddy_B4_Chanel Was i the only person who didn’t get an iPad? i mean i got a car but thats a different story all together :/

No, no entitlement problem is this country. Nothing to see here. Move along.



  1. Jenna says:

    Wow…just…wow. Our society has become so greedy and whiny! And for some reason, adults have stopped correcting this issue in children! I am GLAD they didn’t get what they wanted. Get a job and buy your own stuff!

  2. Anthony says:

    That is amazing… I am an 18 year old kid. I’ve had the same phone for 4 years, the same small iPod for almost 5 years and I’m fine. I would much rather save my money for more important things in this world like giving to others, which I’ll admit I wish I did more of. As a society, we believe we deserve everything under the sun. However over half the people on the planet have never received a telephone call. Hard work, which is the most essential core American value needs to, for lack of a better word, be valued again.

  3. R Sava says:

    I would love to know how many of these people sympathized with/particpated in the OWS garbage.

  4. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Great comment, Anthony. Very well put.

  5. Bob Upton says:

    Read the article to get the full effect of the prevailing mentality. Hope none of these households have guns accessible cause these kids are scary and parents might be in danger.

    Loved the girl that already had a cell phone and was told that if she wanted an iPhone she could “pay for it herself”. There is still hope if we have a few sane parents out there.

    Then there was the guy who said, “Other than getting a Camero and an iPad this christmas sucks”. Maybe if he had learned to use better grammatical syntax, could spell “Camaro” properly, knew to capitalize “Christmas”, would use proper punctuation (even in a tweet) or even cared about any of these things to begin with, he could at least see how pathetic his whining appears to people who work for what they have!

    If we didn’t know better we might think that America’s youth are lacking in scholastic, moral, ethical and practical education. We know that can’t be the case, however, because we have invested such obscene amounts of money in giving them the education they have received so far that has made them what they are today. GIGO.

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