Cult of Personality

From YouTube, the announcement on North Korean television of the death of “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il:

And then, the reaction of the North Korean people:

As creepy as that is, I cannot help but wonder where I have seen that kind of blind worship and meritless admiration before.  Hmm … golly, it all just looks so familiar



  1. Laurie says:

    Jeff…did you notice NO TEARS??? Set up or for real…can’t help but wonder

  2. Jeff Schreiber says:


    My father-in-law pointed out that the people in back weren’t crying, either. Obviously, it was set up for propaganda purposes. That being said, I think it might bother me more — while the Obama-worship footage was certainly taken and used for propaganda purposes, it doesn’t seem to me to be set up. With the latter, the people are genuinely emotionally invested in a politician; emotional investment in an issue is fine by me, but in a politician? Yikes.


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