On Newt and On American Voters, Glenn Beck is Dead Wrong

Take a look at the FedEx logo to the right.  There’s a reason I posted it here, and it’s not because yesterday was perhaps the busiest day of all time for the shipping company.

Do you see the subliminal aspect of the logo?  Yes, that’s it — the arrow between the “E” and “X.”  Despite what you might think, the arrow in the FedEx logo is no accident.  For a company that moves packages from one place to another, anything that emphasizes speed and precision is a good thing.

Those who haven’t noticed it before, I can promise you something — you will never be able to look at a delivery truck or delivered package again without seeing that darn logo.  Ten seconds ago, you didn’t even know it was there; now, it’s all you see.

So, Jeff, what’s the point?

Well, my point is about Glenn Beck.  While it is without question that Beck has awakened millions of Americans through his radio program, television programs and many informative books, it appears as though he may have gone a little far.  After spending much of the past five years formally instructing Americans about the dangers of progressivism, and after spending hours and hours on Fox News Channel connecting various dots between George Soros, the Tides Foundation and SDS, I think that Glenn is seeing progressives everywhere.  Kind of like you and the FedEx arrow.

From Talking Points Memo, a somewhat unlikely source here at America’s Right, here’s Glenn talking about presidential candidate Newt Gingrich during an interview with Fox News resident libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano:

“I issue a challenge to the tea party members,” Beck said. “You look at his record, you read his words… see what he believes.” If they do, he claimed, they would see “this man is a progressive, he knows he is a progressive.”

Does Newt have a spotlessly conservative record?  Absolutely not.  In fact, Speaker Gingrich has a record of expanding the role of government where he should not.

In recent years, we have seen evidence of the former Speaker’s belief in man-made climate change and heard evidence that he looks to the government as solution broker, saying that the purported scourge could be mitigated by “an incentivized market rather than a laissez-faire approach.”  In 2008, of course, Gingrich supported TARP.  A few years earlier, during George W. Bush’s first term, Gingrich pressured congressional conservatives to support Medicare reform legislation, saying that the drug bill was the “most important reorganization of our nation’s healthcare system since the original Medicare Bill of 1965.”  That legislation costs taxpayers more than $60 billion each year and accounts for roughly $16 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

When I think of progressivism, I think of the nefarious creep of government through deception and manipulation.  I think of the Affordable Care Act, designed to make private insurance untenable and push folks toward a single-payer government solution (and much deeper and more nefarious than the individual mandate alone).  I think of the Fast & Furious plan, designed to enact extralegislative gun control reforms after creating chaos and disorder through the release of firearms to drug cartels and soulless criminals.  I don’t necessarily think of Medicare Part D, though I acknowledge that it is a terrible, limitless source of unfunded liabilities.

To say that Newt Gingrich is a progressive is to ignore his many accomplishments and positions that do, in fact, jive with true conservative ideals.  Thanks to Newt’s presidential white paper at Club For Growth, we see the following:

  • He led the Republican Revolution of 1994, which led to balanced budgets and welfare reform.
  • He has long advocated for the elimination of the Death Tax and all capital gains taxes.
  • As recently as 2008, he wrote about the merits of a flat tax, deeming it a “stimulus package that would have an immediate effect on our American economy.”
  • He wants to repeal Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • He supports school choice.
  • He supports tort reform in an effort to rein in out-of-control health care costs.
  • He is in favor of lifting restrictions on offshore drilling and drilling in ANWR.
  • He has expressed a desire to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • He opposes “card check” legislation.
  • He opposed the Dodd-Frank regulatory extravaganza.
  • He has long advocated in favor of reforms to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, including the creation of personal Social Security savings accounts.
  • He supports block-granting Medicaid back to the states, providing for more state autonomy, and has publicly argued for the same during the mid-1990s.
  • He supports health savings accounts, much like the kind that has Indiana’s health care system thriving.

Yet, despite this record, Glenn Beck not only believes that Speaker Gingrich is a progressive, but that he is much the same man as President Barack Obama.  Not only that, but he believes that Gingrich and Obama are so similar that the only distinguishing factor is race.


From the same Fox News interview:

“So if you’ve got a big government progressive or a big government progressive in Obama, one in Newt Gingrich, one in Obama, ask yourself this Tea Party: Is it about Obama’s race? Because that’s what it appears to be to me. If you’re against him but you’re for this guy, it must be about race. It’s the policies that matter.”

So, if you’re against Obama but for Gingrich, you must be in favor of Gingrich solely because he is white and Obama is Black.  Read it again, folks — that’s what the inimitable Glenn Beck is saying.  Good grief; he sounds like Al Sharpton.  He might as well sport pin stripes and a bouffant, rack up a $2.6 million IRS bill, and run around garbling out intelligent things like “RESIST WE MUCH!”

I like what America’s Right editor John Feeny had to say about it on Facebook earlier today:

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is all sourced in GBTV not doing very well. Most people don’t want to pay a monthly fee for Beck when they can listen to his radio show for free.

Beck is no longer judged by ratings; he’s judged by subscription dollars, which I would guess are much lower than he anticipated.  He therefore feels that he has to resort to the outrageous merely for attention and the potential for more subscriptions.

If I’m correct, that would make him no better than the lame-stream media, because their cat-fight scratching for ratings long ago led to the sensationalism that put them where they are.  It’s all about getting people to watch, and it looks like Glenn has succumbed.

Out on a limb? Perhaps.  But John seems to think it’s right–as do I–as “this stance that he’s taken is diametrically opposed to everything he’s been about.”  Something, Feeny says, has changed.  Personally, recalling how Beck handled himself during the 2008 primary–I listened quite a bit back then–it is my belief that he has thrown himself fairly completely behind Mitt Romney, a fellow Mormon and by all accounts the candidate currently running neck-and-neck with Gingrich for the GOP nomination.

Perhaps it is a combination of these things.  In other words, Beck is willing to play into the left’s hands by saying what he said because (a) Mitt Romney is a Mormon and one of two frontrunners along with Newt, (b) Glenn has driven so deep into the various connections between leftist and progressive groups that he sees progressives in every aspect of American life, and (c) the entertainment genius in Beck is looking for a way to scare up some attention to his GBTV venture.

Whatever it is, Beck is doing more harm than good.  In fact, the divisiveness I see on the right is doing more harm than good.  I’m all for iron sharpening iron and doing our best to prepare the eventual nominee for the scrutiny of the left, but the second that “I like my guy” becomes “it’s my guy or it’s nobody,” we have a problem and we might as well send President Obama a tape measure so that he can change the drapes in the Oval Office for his second term.

To be completely honest, I could support Newt.  I could even–ugh–support Romney.  It’s very much like the situation I’ve run into a few times while working in Family Law: sometimes, you gotta represent the scumbag.

Not all of our clients are lily-white, perfect parents with spotless financial records and solid perceptional awareness.  Sometimes, it seems, we have the dad who is behind on child support, or the mom who is unreasonably withholding visitation with the children.  Sometimes, see, we gotta represent the scumbag.  What we do in that situation is to find the good in that person and augment it while simultaneously exploiting the terrible aspects of the other parent.  Maybe our guy is behind on child support but a very involved father.  Maybe our mom is unreasonably withholding visitation from a dad who belongs on a sex offender list somewhere.

Should it come down to Newt or Mitt to face off against Barack Obama, I’m going to do exactly what I find myself doing every once in a while when we have to advocate in favor of the unfavorable — I’m going to find the things I do like about that candidate, the things that do distinguish him or her from the president, and then I’m going to absolutely savage the president and point out all of the ways he tried to dismantle the greatest nation on Earth.

One thing I’m not going to do, however, is engage in self-serving hyperbole and unnecessary proliferation of the race card.  We already see enough of that from the left.  And, unfortunately, from Glenn Beck.





  1. sharon says:

    Very surprising indeed.

  2. Randy Wills says:

    Great observations, Jeff, and I agree with you 100%. I don’t subscribe to GBTV so I only get tidbits of what Beck says on various blogs, but I’m really turned off by his comments regarding Gingrich.

    The distaste for Gingrich by the Fox commentators is equally obvious and disturbing. It would appear to me that whomever the Republican nominee is, that person will be so torn up by the general election that all Obama will have to do is replay the Republican primary TV ads.

    Too bad. This is the big election that we’ve been looking forward to for more than three years and, unfortunately, I think that it still looks like there is no more, and probably less, than a 50% chance of defeating Obama in 2012. I hope that I’m wrong and have to eat crow after the election, but it will be the best tasting crow ever served up.

    Not only are the qualified candidates still on the sidelines, but the Republicans in Congress are being out-maneuvered in the public square by Obama. I keep asking myself, “Can’t we ever get serious about selecting our president?”

    I guess I’m still stuck on Allan West. I know, I know; he’s just a freshman representative, but sometime ————


  3. Dee says:

    I stopped listening to Beck awhile ago. I am an eternal optimist and his show was getting so depressing and scary (prepare now for the end of the world) that I just couldn’t listen anymore. Hannity also turns me off at times because he frequently ends up talking about himself. I listen to Rush and our local talk show hosts (Quinn and Rose).
    I hope the Republicans stick together with whoever the candidate may be. They don’t need to be tearing each other apart when the left will gladly do that for them. I have yet to decide which one is my favorite
    Thanks,Jeff,for the information you continue to provide for us.

  4. Deb in Texas says:

    I keep making this point so I apologize if I’m repeating myself to some reading this but Beck was very instrumental in destroying Debra Medina when she was running for Governor of Texas in 2010. She didn’t answer Beck’s Truther question in a manner that he liked so he literally destroyed her run in that one interview. The Libertarians in Texas went crazy and wouldn’t forgive him. Now he openly “hints” to support Ron Paul and the Libertarians love Beck. Hello! Ron Paul? Talk about blaming America for all the woes in the middle East, let along 9-11. Medina was the most conservative candidate making Paul look like a “lefty” and Beck couldn’t get past the truther thing.

  5. sharon says:

    LOL! noticed the arrow on the Fed-EX truck today!

  6. John Borchers says:

    My epiphany yesterday after a few days of listening to Fox is that the entire media is now against him for his comments against them in the earlier debates. Perhaps he should bring it up again. The voters warmed up to it and I believe that had a part in his surge. Not to mention he was right and had the guts to say it.

  7. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Dee — You’re welcome … though changes in our family work schedules and such have made it difficult to be consistent in writing. I’m trying!!

  8. Marcia Wood says:

    Glenn Beck gives his viewers a touch of entertainment and enlightenment and oh so much more. He’s jumped to stardom almost over night spinning tales that seemed to mesmerize his audience.

    Glen didn’t just fall off the turnip truck – he’s a pro at orchestration and presentation with the support of chalk boards, colored markers and a variety of other props. Glenn knows exactly what his audience wants to hear and what they expect of him daily. They want a dose of warm fuzzies with a few “chicken little” tidbits thrown into the mix embellished with a few tears and trembling hand.

    Is Beck really concerned about Americans and their well being or is he an Obama clone, who knows how to use the “Rules of the radicals” and preys on the oppressed to line his pockets with gold. He’s a master of illusion and like Obama dangles hope and change out to the sheep telling them what they must do and when they must do it.

    Like Obama, Glenn Beck is a master of manipulation playing upon the fears and helplessness of the people. Glenn leads his sheep up and down the slippery political slopes advancing his “fame and fortune.” Is Beck a true blue Patriot or is he political strategist in disguise?

    Beck made it clear that he isn’t endorsing candidate, because he isn’t willing to lend his credibility to any one person or persons. My oh my, there’s reason to believe that Glenn is not only picking and choosing Presidential Candidates for 2012 – he’s methodically eliminating all of those who don’t agree with his philosophy.

    Me think the man doth protest too much! Glenn Beck is so entangled in the political web of politics that one might think he’s planning a run for President in the not so distant future. In April 2011 in one of his amazing predictions he said Hillary Clinton would soon be announcing her run for the Presidential Elections of 2012.

    Although Beck admits that Mitt Romney would decimate Obama in the debates, he makes a back handed remark about Romney showing he’s in this 2012 Presidential Election up to his armpits. In the same sentence, Glenn says Romney is an honorable man that he doesn’t trust.

    Beck announced that his interview of Newt Gingrich was not a “gotcha” kind of interview. Wrong, the entire interview was an attempt by Glenn Beck to throw Newt to the wolves and under the bus. Actually, Newt withstood the assault and stated over and over that the people need their voice again and should be the intricate part in the decision making process.

    Glenn didn’t receive any satisfaction out of this interview so he lied on O’Reilly last night saying Newt was strictly a big Government Progressive. The Factor reminded Beck that most Americans consider Newt Gingrich a committed conservative: “He puts himself out as someone who wants much smaller government and as someone who would cut taxes and regulations” Beck became somewhat flustered when O’Reilly countered him on his Gingrich bashing.

    Beck continues on his rampage and pulled the race card on the Tea Parties pretty much saying the only reason tea parties would like Newt Gingrich over Obama would be race. Glenn continues digging his senseless hole, suggesting he’d vote for a Ron Paul third party candidacy over Newt Gingrich.

    The question that comes to mind at this time, “Why would Glenn Beck even think about throwing the 2012 Presidential Race by suggesting a third party candidacy? Beck knows this would give Obama a second term!

    May God Bless America
    As Always,
    Little Tboca

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