Overseas Testicular Fortitude

In the following video, witness Nigel Farage, Member of European Parliament, dressing down his colleagues on November 16, 2011 with regard to the failure of the European Union:

It is very reminiscent of my favorite MEP, Daniel Hannan, dressing down former British PM Gordon Brown about the economic collapse back on March 26, 2009:

Golly, I had to watch that second one twice. Sometimes, I wish our conservative lawmakers had the testicular fortitude of their overseas counterparts.



  1. Bob Upton says:

    Amen again Jeff

    Testicular fortitude (TF) by any other name is still courage, cojones, chutzpah, couilles. How can the leaders of men lead when their actions, and inaction, cause us to constantly question their manhood much less their leadership ability? A 70 year old Ben Franklin signing the Declaration of Independence had more TF than our “leaders” today. As he said, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

    “You can’t win with reserve and lassitude
    And you can’t face the unforgiving multitude
    Without the manly trait of testicular fortitude”
    Authorship Unknown

  2. whats_up says:


    You wont see this is American politics anymore. Neither party will create men with testicular fortitude in sufficient numbers to change things. The parties goal is not to lead this country, but to be elected to lead and then win re-election. You cant lead and try to get re-elected at the same time. They require different things. When you lead you need to face reality and deal with the truth, when you are trying to get elected you live and operate in Wonderland, where every thing you say is true and everything works out just like you planned. I wish we had more politicians worried about leading rather then getting elected.

  3. Jordan Bell says:

    We do have one in Congress. But most are too blind to see it.

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