Campaign Recklessness

HotAir: Mark Block: Did you know that the son of Cain’s accuser works for Politico?

Here’s the story.  Earlier today, news broke that the fifth woman to accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment is actually a former journalist now employed as a communications director at the Inspector General’s office in the Obama Treasury Department.  (She worked for various agencies under the Bush administration, too.)  As is my habit when I come across a news-related tid-bit but cannot update America’s Right for lack of time, I took to Twitter, and tweeted out the link at about 1:00 p.m. today.

Mark Block, the chain-smoking manager of Herman Cain’s campaign, took one look at the woman’s name–Karen Kraushaar–and immediately assumed that National Journal writer Josh Kraushaar was her son.  He is not, and has been on the defensive on Twitter all evening.  I’ll let Allahpundit from HotAir pick it up from here for a moment:

Could a man who accused Rick Perry on national television of a “despicable” smear only to back off from it the next day really be so careless with the facts?

Prediction: You’re going to see three camps quickly emerge on this story. Camp one: “I can’t believe Block threw that accusation out there without confirming it.” Camp two: “Maybe … Block was thinking of another reporter?” (Some Cainiacs are already tweeting this.) Camp three: “Josh Kraushaar is lying; he really is Karen’s son. Where’s the birth certificate?” Place your bets now, as Block’s sure to be forced to clarify tomorrow what he meant.

Place me firmly, once again, in Camp Number One.  It’s not that I dislike Herman Cain — I don’t.  Instead, it is ineffective and reckless campaign management that I absolutely disdain, especially when said recklessness artificially stifles the track of someone who could be a game-changing political candidate for America.

For the sake of comparison, due to his recklessness in handling this controversy and more, Mark Block is to Herman Cain like a 45 mph governor is to a BMW M5.

I covered it in my podcast with All American Blogger’s Duane Lester.  I covered it in yesterday’s horserace-style piece.  I’ve said it time and time and time again on Twitter.  Because of his immense talent, because of his likeability, because of his capacity for effective leadership, I don’t want to write off Herman Cain as a serious candidate for the presidency of the United States of America like some on the left have done, nor do I want to voluntarily end my trip on the “Cain Train” as Jimmie Bise, Jr. has done.  Continued recklessness by Cain’s top staff, however, will force me to do just that.


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