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The Hill: Attorney Says Cain Violated Deal, Allowing Accuser to Speak

The lawyer for one of the women who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment said his client may get a chance to speak publicly about the allegations because the GOP presidential candidate violated the confidentiality agreement between the two.

Attorney Joel Bennett told CBS’s The Early Show on Wednesday that his client hasn’t spoken publicly because of the confidentiality agreement, but that Cain’s comments may have cleared a path.

So, let me get this straight. When confronted by the media about decade-old harassment claims, Herman Cain says that he knows nothing about any settlement agreement, in accordance with the confidentiality agreement — but when Cain finally drip-feeds some information after being hounded by a coaxing mainstream press more rabid than they had ever been in connection with Barack Obama’s past, the attorney for the accuser claims that by drip-feeding information, Cain has violated that confidentiality agreement?

For lack of a better word, that’s a bunch of crap.

As it turns out, what I thought was a major PR breakdown by Cain looked to be Cain doing the right thing insofar as the settlement agreement and confidentiality agreement was concerned.  He was damned if he followed the agreement by claiming that he knew nothing about any such agreement, and now that he has clarified, he is damned for purportedly having violated the agreement.

All this because he was being relentlessly pursued by the same mainstream media that took more than one year to report on how John Edwards funneled $100,000 in campaign funds to the mother of his love child, with whom he was having an affair while his late cancer-stricken wife bravely stood by his side.

Enough for now.  Look here in this space in coming days for a link to a podcast featuring me and the extremely talented Duane Lester of All American Blogger.



  1. Jeff says:

    When it comes to state and especially presidential politics, if there is something to be found, it will be. Confidentiality agreement or not, Cain should have had NRA contact the accusers long ago and told them, “we have to get something about this out so it isn’t a surprise” and then work out the details. Waiting for it to be found was his first mistake.

    Contingency plans should have been made long ago. And for Pete’s sake, running around blaming others when you really don’t know where it came from is just childish.

    For complete disclosure, I am a Perry supporter, but I did like Cain and could have voted for him if Perry fizzled out. Such is not the case any more.

  2. stella barbut says:

    There is something to say for the sharia requirement that a woman accusing someone of rape provides four independent male witnesses. Look what happens to the western male. He is drawn and quartered. His face, his anatomy, is splashed all across the earth. His family is ruined, his life is ruined, his career is ruined, while the woman making the accusation remains hidden. Anonymous. Just her uncorroborated word, and walks away with a four figure, five figure bonanza.


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