The Gov’t in Your Kitchen

The Blaze: GE Brings Government’s New Food Guidelines to Your … Microwave?

The button allows consumers to easily cook foods found in the government’s new dietary guidelines, which is now visualized using a plate instead of the classic food pyramid. The GE website simply says, “5 food groups, 19 foods and 44 pre-programmed food combinations assist in healthy meal preparation.”

Business Wire explains how it works: “For example, consumers can use GE’s MyPlate feature to select a preset for cooking specific vegetables, such as fresh asparagus, frozen green beans, or numerous other options in each USDA MyPlate category fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.”

Look — I’m all for eating healthy.  Lord knows that I could stand to lose a few pounds.  Insofar as the new GE feature makes it easier for people to exercise personal responsibility and eat better, I’m all in favor of it.  Packaging the feature as “,” however, just reeks of cronyism and poor marketing. And, in the age of “smart” appliances that use the Internet to carry out certain features, I’m sure that this will have the goofy conspiratorial types all a-twitter



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