Crony Socialism

American Glob: SOLYNDRA REDUX: Obama Gives $737 Million Dollar Loan To Solar Company Connected To Nancy Pelosi’s Brother In Law

STEP 1: Today the Department of Energy announced $1 Billion in new loans to solar companies…

STEP 2: SolarReserve [one of the loan recipients] is partnered with a company called PCG – Pacific Corporate Group…

STEP 3: The number two guy at Pacific Corporate Group is Ronald Pelosi. Coincidence???

Yet another issue that absolutely needs to be screamed to the rooftops by Republicans every single day until the election of next November.  This administration is proving itself to be unyieldingly, unhaltingly corrupt.  Click on the linked piece for more information.



  1. Anonymous says:

    This crap has got to stop.

  2. Nancy Philupmypockets says:

    “How dare you call me a crone!!” ..I’ll have you know my brother-in-law worked VERY HARD to get that billion dollars delivered to us!!! ..Sheesh! ..Can’t a girl even WORK HER STUFF anymore????

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