VIDEO: Bad Lip-Reading

I need a laugh.  Especially after dealing with an Internet service outage at home for more than two weeks thanks to some new construction a few hundred yards away from my place.  There’s a bit of frustration in being a blogger and being unable to comment on the goings-on in the world around me.  There have been two presidential debates, countless new revelations regarding presidential scandal, and much, much more.

So, my first post back from an involuntary hiatus–really, my service at home will not resume until Friday (I’m at a Panera Bread near the Dorchester County Courthouse, using their wi-fi)–is rightfully one that should make you laugh.  It certainly made me laugh.  Enjoy, and see you on Friday.



  1. Kahleeka says:

    OMG, I ’bout lost it when Obama started dancin’! Thanks for the laugh!!

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