A Texas-Sized Magnet

Education Week: Perry Defends HPV Shots, Illegal Immigrants’ In-State Tuition

Bachmann also went after Perry over his state’s decision to grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrants if they’ve been in the state for three years and are working towards a degree and citizenship.

“That is the American way,” Perry said, adding that he is not in favor of the Democrat-supported DREAM Act, which would create a path to citizenship for some youth. “That’s amnesty. What we did in Texas was a state’s right issue. Regardless of what the sound of their last name is, [we are saying] that we believe in you. We’re going to allow you to be contributing members and not be a drag on our state.”

Bachmann replied: “The American way is not to give taxpayer-subisized benefits to people who have broken our laws.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney piled on. “Of course we don’t give in-state tuition credits to people who’ve come here illegally.”

I like Rick Perry.  His steadfastness on dealing with entitlements has put me almost irrevocably in his corner.  However, on this particular issue, Perry is dead wrong and both Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney are absolutely right.

Solving our illegal immigration problem is a four-step process:  (1) Build a tangible double fence and use that structure as part of an overall strategy of border security; (2) enforce the immigration laws already on the books; (3) put an end to the programs and policies serving as magnets, enticing people to scoff at our laws, violate our sovereignty, and come here illegally; and (4) provide a humane solution for the people already here, allowing for them to go to the back of the proverbial line for legal immigration, and ensure that deportation results from further infraction of our laws until their status is legal.

Rick Perry’s in-state tuition program is a magnet.  And while Perry may argue that it is a state’s rights issue, so long as that magnet serves to facilitate a system that results in a flood of illegals coming across the border in blatant violation of our laws, it is a national security issue.



  1. Rebecca Johnson says:

    Perry has taken other positions that are indefensible. His attempts to defend them will be just as disapointing. Don’t let his flash overwhelm your good instincts and judgement. Time will change your mind. I know we conservatives are desperate for a strong leader, but he/she must be someone we can believe in. Perry blows with the prevailing wind. He is not someone in whom we can put our hopes or trust. There just isn’t much substance there, unfortunately.

  2. BETTY says:

    I think I agree with you! I also like Perry, but we have to be careful with most of these candidates like Huntsman, Newt. To me, a moderate is a liberal! I like Bachman, but I don’t believe she could be elected. We have to have someone who will WIN. I don’t think I could stand another 4 years of what we have.

  3. Roger Williams says:

    I am mixed on this issue. As a Texan, I have heard Perry expound on this issue, and I agree with many of his suppositions. We are a nation of immigrants. If we reward those who go through our system of education with eventual citizenship, these will not be the immigrants who commit crimes, etc. They will be the type of immigrants that hold down professional positions.

  4. Linda C. says:

    Let’s face it. The field is, at best, weak insofar as strong, principled, steadfast Conservative candidates. I do lean toward Perry also (the look in his eye when he argued the capital punishment issue in the last debate put me over the top with him), and I will accept his realization that he made an error on the vaccine issue, but the immigration issue concerns me. I do agree with him that the problem is so severe that we need boots on the ground. A fence is a viable option, but unless you’re going to electrify it or put razor blades on the top and sides to make it unscalable, it will still be climbed and crossed. However, his “DREAM” act enactment (which we are soon to have here in California also – ugh) disturbs me. He is incorrect in that extent. If he can rectify this situation he still has a strong chance, as I think Romney would be a disaster, not only in November 2012 but also in the WH if he should get that far. I fear Bachmann should give up the ghost and throw her support behind the conservative candidate (if we can find a true one).

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