‘Should’ve Seen it Coming’

If you are one of the unemployed, rejoice; salvation is nigh. The president has announced that, after being sufficiently refreshed in body and sharpened in mind by what was intended to be a relaxing vacation on Martha’s Vineyard but was rudely interrupted by Hurricane Irene, he will present to the nation his plan for “creating” jobs and reversing the downward spiral of our economic malaise.

At last, leadership from the Oval Office, and what welcome news that is for a nation that has become soul-sick for lack of hope. It’s not the failing economy that is so hard to bear; it’s the total absence of any credible plans or promising actions emanating from Washington that elicits a feeling of futility in the minds of so many. Perhaps the president really does have a plan that will evoke some of the “hope” that he promised during his campaign, but you can’t blame me for being more than a little cynical.

It was almost a year ago that I published an article entitled The Myth Surrounding Job Creation here at AR. (Look for it to be re-run on Thursday in advance of Barack Obama’s speech — Jeff.)  In that piece, I attempted to debunk the whole concept of the government “creating” jobs. Nothing has transpired since then that would tend to diminish the validity of my claims, but instead of addressing the real issues as I defined them at that time, I expect that on Thursday night we’ll hear a lot of the same old, failed, macro-economic, Keynesian nonsense about the federal government “investing in our future” (meaning more debt), “getting America back to work” and “setting people free to do the things that Americans do best”, all of this funded–by as much as $1 trillion ($1,000,000,000,000.00) if Congresswoman Maxine Waters has her way–by further indebting the actual wage-earners.

What the president and his party does not seem to comprehend is that there is plenty of investment money just waiting to be put to work as soon as there are credible signs that the Obama administration, along with its allies such as the NLRB and EPA, understands that the burgeoning load of anti-business policies, regulations, and taxes MUST be relieved before economic growth can begin. Can you just imagine a seasoned executive deciding to hire more employees because the government has agreed to subsidize 10 percent of the incremental payroll costs for some limited length of time? By the time you figure in all of the costs associated with hiring and training a new employee, that 10 percent subsidy would get lost in the floor sweepings. Such is the wisdom of the professional rabble-rousing Obama administration.

If we allow the government to continue to rely on the typical economic interventionist policy of infusing the market with borrowed money in order to artificially boost consumption, and hence job growth, the result will be to simply deepen the hole that a century-plus of secular/progressive economic policies have dug, all in the name of creating a more just society. It is clear from recent events, such as the Standard & Poors downgrade, that a continuation of these policies will ensure our place as a second-tier world power.  More importantly, however, we are rapidly becoming a nation unable to determine its own future as a result of our indebtedness to foreign creditors. The consequences of such a failure was recent described by the inimitable Mark Steyn who, in his recently released “After America,” described incisively how the U.S dismembered the British empire after WWII using the same tactics as will likely by used by our largest creditor, China, to emasculate America when the inevitable time comes in the struggle for world economic and military dominance.

This reality notwithstanding, I see little evidence that the United States is yet willing as a whole to respond to the necessary task of effectively restructuring not only our federal entitlement programs and tax policies so that we can begin to retire the suffocating national debt, but also submit to the imperative of reordering our collective personal lives so that we can maintain a governable and cohesive society. In fact, I predict that if a conservative Republican candidate wins the presidency in 2012–which I believe, present economic circumstances notwithstanding, is no better and probably less than a 50/50 chance–and makes a serious attempt to roll back entitlements and social engineering programs along with restructuring the tax code so that everyone shares equally in financing the federal government’s Constitutionally-mandated obligations, upheaval in the public square such as we are presently seeing in England and other European nations will become the “new normal” on our city streets.

You say that I’m hyperventilating? I don’t believe that I am. I read voraciously and I sift through the lessons of my fifty-plus years of operating in various business venues in search of a realistic means of averting the financial catastrophe, leading to the violent social upheaval that all indicators forecast, but I can find none that does not require that we first confront and then reverse the moral and structural damage that the secular/progressive worldview, embraced and promoted by the Democrats, has created.

Realistically speaking, however, I have little hope for that to take place voluntarily in this indolent and immoral society that has become everything that John Adams alluded to with grave apprehension when he said that “[o]ur Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is totally inadequate to the government of any other.” If one follows the daily news as presented through any media, I contend that one would have to be delusional to assert that we are a “moral and religious people.” The virtually complete societal rejection of the existence of and the imperative to obey “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,” as Thomas Jefferson invoked in the Declaration of Independence, has become our undoing as we have permitted unregenerate human nature to rule in the form of malignant, depraved self-interest.

Consider what was was said on Labor Day in Detroit, when Teamsters honcho Jimmy Hoffa railed against the Tea Party while warming up the union crowd for President Obama, stating emphatically that “this is your army … we are ready to march … let’s take these son of a bitches out and get America back to an America where we belong.”  Did you hear any repudiation by the president, who followed Hoffa, either immediately thereafter or in the days following? Of course not.

So much for Obama’s pious plea for “civility,” which he voiced not all that long ago in Tucson, Arizona, in a speech addressing a violent act pinned by many on the nation’s right.

I ask, could there be a clearer invitation to violence in the streets than that made by the President’s warm-up speaker, Jimmy Hoffa?  If so, perhaps it is Barack Obama’s second-in-command, Vice President Joe Biden, who told the AFL/CIO gathering that the unions were “all that stood between the barbarians and the gate.” Of course, Hoffa’s “SOB’s” and Biden’s “barbarians” would be the same folks that Biden recently agreed were acting like “terrorists.” Read your history, folks, to refresh your mind as to what catastrophic events in the past were preceded by such inflammatory rhetoric coming from the very pinnacle of government. If this doesn’t strike terror in your heart for the future of the U.S., nothing will.

Some day – perhaps in the not-too-distant future – a book will be written with a title expressing the same sentiments as the one that I have chosen for this article. The historian’s account of the demise of the greatest experiment in public governance ever undertaken by man, the United States of America, will likely conclude that the signs, as viewed through the prism of the principles that the Founders embedded in the founding documents and confirmed by an honest and impartial critique of natural law, were so obvious that it will seem incredible that the we did so little to stop the inexorable cultural decline leading to national disintegration. The historical observer will quickly grasp that a public which chose to pursue a path of its own design, rather than submit to the only plan that ever had a chance of succeeding, failed to understand that eternal forces exist in our universe which are far greater than any man’s determined attempt to create a successful system of governance independent of the immutable laws of God and nature.

The writer of history will also speak of the fact that the Founders were acutely aware of humankind’s innate spirit of rebellion against the Lawgiver and explicitly warned that to disregard His laws would make the system of governance prescribed by the Constitution completely inadequate to withstand the destructive forces at work in unregenerate human nature.

Looking back in time, the future chronicler will highlight some of the obvious signs that the United States was discernibly on the path to self-destruction starting in the early Twentieth Century with the introduction of the concept of government as the source of “individual rights” and “social justice” and the exemplar of cultural norms. Mention will be made of the moral decline, fostered by the progressives in the entertainment industry and educational venues which brazenly sexualized society, including children of elementary school age, to the point of generalized sexual practices more akin to the animal kingdom than self-controlled, responsible human beings. It will be impossible for the objective observer to ignore the fact that we had become a nation of “perverts,” in the true sense of the word, proud of our “diversity” and granting every form of sexual arrangement imaginable the moral equivalency with traditional “one man/one woman”, heterosexual marriage when, in reality, such an aberrant view of the family unit destroys the basic foundation without which no organized, stable, and productive society has ever yet been maintained.

Much space will be devoted to the financial collapse of a system of government which ignored the basic laws of economics for the purpose of gaining ever-greater political power over the masses and instead chose to sedate the public concern with false claims of the ability to create jobs for all who would desire to work. The historian will wonder how a supposedly educated public could have been duped into believing this preposterous economic fairy tale when all one had to do was scratch the surface of the political establishment’s arguments to know that they were no more believable than the snake oil salesman’s pitch at the county fair.

It might even be said that a public preoccupied with the opiate of instant gratification, in all its forms, was all too willing to suspend disbelief rather than disrupt their pursuit of life without its concomitant requirement for personal responsibility. It will be pointed out that it would have required only a small departure from our nation’s typically shallow thinking to understand that the only path to job creation is the combination of capital, human energy and initiative, and the natural resources provided by God. It may be observed that the public failed to understand that the government cannot – ever – “create” jobs, but can only provide temporary “employment” paid for by means of an ever-increasing tax burden on those who do compete successfully in the global marketplace.

Looking back, it will be obvious that the public, by acting indifferently, was complicit in the conspiracy to perpetuate the dual myths that the government has the ability to create jobs and sustain an artificially high standard of living, vis-à-vis competing nations, by selling off assets or borrowing money from other, wiser, more competitive nations which, at the same time, mock the stupidity of the “Americans.”

But the main focus of the analysis of the fall of the “great experiment” will be the failure of the masses to recognize that none of this was simply a good plan gone wrong. The historical observer will demonstrate how obvious it was that this was the objective of the secular progressives all along; to destroy a sustainable system of government, bounded by natural law and “Nature’s God,” and in its place impose a dictatorial form of government control, all in the guise of “tolerance” and “equality.” The historian will be able to trace this thread throughout the whole fabric of society and in all facets of public affairs – government, entertainment, education, churches – designed to ultimately and by any means bring about a utopian system of “social justice”, free from the restraints of natural law and “Nature’s God.”

They will note how propaganda and twisting of reality was used effectively to marginalize all of the opposing forces, claiming that the failure of Tea Party-influenced Congress to compromise with the secular/progressive agenda was the cause of catastrophic economic conditions and high unemployment leading up to the presidential election in 2012. The writer will conclude from the record, and accurately so, that President Obama and his sycophantic cadre of secular/progressives ensconced throughout his administration had a method to their madness — to create irresolvable economic disarray and class warfare in order to facilitate the abrogation of preexisting Constitutional freedoms both for the individual and for businesses, and impose a top-down system of government with the power to control every aspect of life. The public will be ready for this loss of liberty just to be able to survive, but they will mourn the loss of freedom as they realize that this was simply the logical and inexorable outcome of their ever-deepening dependence on the state, rather than the individual, to solve the nation’s economic and social problems. They will realize that there really is such a thing as “natural law” created by “Nature’s God,” and that they are now the bound victim of their own failure to recognize and govern themselves according to those laws.

The citizens will be observed as having been unfathomably naïve to believe that they could construct a sustainable economy in which the government took responsibility for feeding, housing and clothing those who did not engage in productive work and yet continued to procreate and consume indiscriminately. The observer will wonder why so many couldn’t have taken a lesson from nature that says “If you don’t work, you don’t eat, and if you’re not prepared to care for your young, you stop procreating or risk watching your offspring starve.” But then the observer will realize with amazement that this was the grand plan all along — to completely overburden the system by feeding this perverse worldview until it crashed and then, in its place, construct a new system which substituted the government, for a value system of individual responsibility and enjoyment of rights as given by God.

The final line of the historian’s analysis will likely be something like this: “They should have seen it coming.”  You and I both know, however, that “they” deliberately averted their gaze in order to pursue an unnatural and unsustainable lifestyle. As the Proverb says, “There’s a way that seems right unto man, but the end thereof is destruction.”



  1. whats_up says:

    @ Randy,

    I enjoyed the article, disagreed with much of it, but enjoyed it nonetheless. The one thing that you dont lay out is a solution. How would you go about correcting this problem? What about those that 1.) Disagree and 2.) arent relegious to begin with?

  2. Randy Wills says:

    To “whats_up” @ 11:16 AM

    Glad you enjoyed the article, “whats_up”, and you ask excellent questions.

    First, all I would ask of those that disagree with my worldview is that they give it an honest evaluation, compare the logical outcome, taking into account human nature, with other philosophies, and then either continue to disagree or, hopefully, come to the same conclusions that I have.

    Secondly, you use the term “religious”, but my point is not that my worldview is “religion”, as the term is commonly understood, but rather a rational and reasonable approach to life in its totality. I believe that the logical conclusion of an analysis of the merits of the God-centered worldview by a sincere, open minded, person will be convincing. My recollection is that it was C. S. Lewis who said, after completing such an anlysis, that he came to accept Christ because His message had destroyed all his arguments against it. So should it be.

    Lastly, I do not believe that those who disagree with my worldview are neccesarily “bad people”, or for that matter, are my enemies. I believe that most persons, such as yourelf, sincerely want the same things for mankind that I do, but, for whatever reason, are pursuing those goals based on a philosophy (that Man can rule himself apart from God, which has been historically proven to be futile.

    Thanks for your comment. I always enjoy hearing from you.


  3. Hot Headed Son says:

    Great article, and SO true. We are constantly bombarded by an insidious attack on the moral fabric of our society by a media machine that perpetuates the lie that all can be equal, successful, well-fed, and without the encumbrances of morality or a spirituality of any kind (in fact, better off without any spirituality). Almost any TV show, movie, or literary depiction of modern or future society is rife with this kind of depiction of “progressive Eutopia”. Unfortunately, its not even reasonable to expect that society should be like this. Even in a homogenous group, some will excel, some will fail, proving that the group was NEVER homogenous from the start. It just looked like it at the time of the window of observance.

    The truth is, we have several examples of social failures in history already, and America’s ultimate and impending failure is not that different from the others. Why should we expect that the demise of America will be any mor monumental than these others, who are now virtual slaves to their own governments.

    We are proving to be a exactly what our forefathers expected we would be, given the removal of the moral “glue” that would hold this experiment together, as you so eloquently already said in your article (I wish I could communicate half as well).

    I suspect that America will fade away without a whimper, into decay & oblivion, slow-cooked like the frog in the pot, rather than “do the right thing” and stand up for a little painful medicine.

    “whats-up” asked a good question. What do we do about it? The Hoffas of the world continue to exacerbate the situation, hoping that their words will cause someone on “the other side” to snap, and take the first shot. I contend that “they” have already done this, but that the moral conservatives are paralyzed by their own “Political Correctness” to do anything, and will ultimately be “taken down”, victim of their own indecisiveness. Come on people, MAN-UP! Do something constructive, but for Heaven’s sake, don’t just stand there watching America be self-emasculated. One of the biggest problems that America suffers from is that our leaders are NEVER held liable for their actions or adgendas (good or bad), as they fleece the public for Billions of our hard-earned dollars, and then are rewarded with unthinkable amounts. If a bad result required a high personal price, instead of the kingly pay-off, I suspect that there would be FAR fewer errors in judgment or sinister adgendas. But alas, that’s not how we panty-waists roll… We get what we deserve.

    And that’s nature’s law.

  4. bobupton says:

    Excellent presentation Randy!

    Oh,the world is so lacking in honest thinkers. Your logic reminds me of the great philosopher Blaise Pascal and his Pascal’s Wager:

    1. “God is, or He is not”
    2. A Game is being played… where heads or tails will turn up.
    3. According to reason, you can defend neither of the
    4. You must wager. It is not optional.
    5. Let us weigh the gain and the loss in wagering that God is.
    Let us estimate these two chances. If you gain, you gain all;
    if you lose, you lose nothing.

    “Wager, then, without hesitation that He is. (…) There is here an infinity of an infinitely happy life to gain, a chance of gain against a finite number of chances of loss, and what you stake is finite. And so our proposition is of infinite force, when there is the finite to stake in a game where there are equal risks of gain and of loss, and the infinite to gain.”

    Pure reason should lead us to pure principles and pure principles, in turn, should lead us to their source. Pure faith will lead us to faith’s source and faith’s source will lead us into pure principles.

    “Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. Isaiah 1:18

  5. Dee says:

    Randy, this is an excellent article. I had similar thoughts when I heard Hoffa’s speech. I found his words,Maxine Waters’ and Biden’s to be despicable when we are all supposed to be more civil. I do believe that if this continues and BO is not re-elected that there will be riots in the streets.
    I see the decline of the moral fabric in our country in the movies, on TV, and in the fashion world. When I look at the TV guide I see not one show after 8pm that would be classified as a “family show”. People would have to have cable and watch the Disney channel. I see it when you shop for little girls dresses. Many of them are designed to make the little girl look very sexy. I am embarrassed to watch many of the movies that are out there with my adult children! Nothing is sacred anymore and nothing is personal anymore.
    I think that many people either are not aware of what is happening or they don’t care because it has not personally touched them. Until that happens,many will continue on. They think government will continue to care for them without realizing that those who work provide the funds to the government.
    To whats_up, I have no immediate solutions but I do think all people need to take a good hard look at how things have changed in our country and have the changes resulted in a better country, a better community, a better family structure. I don’t think that it’s a bad thing to disagree. Actually, I enjoy thought provoking questioning from a different point of view. However, name calling and belittling those that have a different opinion is also not a solution.
    I hear nothing from BO regarding the flash attacks that have been taking place across the US. He calls for compromise and yet the other day in our local paper one of the headlines was he is hoping that the Republicans are willing to compromise and agree with his plan. In other words,”my way or the highway”. Where’s the compromise?
    Thank you again, Randy, for a great article.

  6. Randy Wills says:

    To those who have commented on this article, all of whom consistantly make valuable and insightful remarks on AR, I want to thank you for taking the time to read a rather long, and perhaps a little redundant, article and then share your reaction to it.

    I’m reminded of a line from “Shadowlands” spoken by one of C S. Lewis’ ex-students; “We read to know that we’re not alone”. I could say the same about why I write, and those of you who make such thoughtful comments confirm that I’m not. I really appreciate it.


  7. nanas3 says:

    WOW…Great article, Randy! This is why we come to Americas Right…you, Jeff, Ron and John have written some fantastic commentaries. I fear that “They Should Have Seen It Coming” judgement could be leveled at many of our leaders and citizens who have closed their eyes or actually participated in outrageous policies that are endangering our country. When we send our brave men and women to fight terrorism in foreign countries and refuse to admit and address the fact that we have terrorists within our borders is unforgiveable! Our tax money is spent to re-settle Muslims from Somalia, etc. in our cities and our small towns. They are establishing mosques and communities that will not comply with our laws. Our brilliant leaders feel that if we are ‘nice’ to terrorists, they will love us. If we do not wake up soon, we will be in the dangerous situation that Britain now finds itself.

    Thanks, Randy for your hard work and dedication to the TRUTH!

  8. TerryD says:

    Great article! Do we have the conviction to make the hard choices. Both sides of raising taxes and cutting entitelments and coming together to stop the spiral. You said it correctly we saw it coming and did nothing

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