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The Right Writes: Concerning Sarah Palin…

As someone not belonging to the “mainstream media,” former Bush aide Karl Rove offered his expectation of Governor Palin’s intentions a couple weeks ago. Rove argued that based on her upcoming schedule, Palin will enter the GOP presidential field. Very little time went by before Governor Palin responded via her PAC website that the “comments are specifically intended to mislead the American public.” Sarah Palin has spent an entire summer teasing her supporters and toying with the media. This is a good move oftentimes. Someone with such a significant positive influence should strive to remain a leading voice. But it’s getting old, and some of her die-hard fans are turning into those annoying Ron Paul supporters (who obviously turn the channel once presidential debates turn to foreign policy).

In our own opinion, Sarah Palin has been doing an awesome job in the position she has been in – a non-candidate using her voice to further common sense conservatism. Her aggression and energy coupled with her experience and values are some things about her that push the entire Republican Party to the right, where it should be! We hope that after the weekend’s events unfold, Governor Palin will have given us all a definitive decision that she will not enter the presidential race. She will be a welcome and necessary accessory to ensuring the right candidate is elected. America cannot afford four more years of the Obama administration, and we need to nominate someone who will, first and foremost, keep a second Obama term from ever coming to pass.

A great piece, summarizing almost exactly how I feel about the former Alaska governor and some of her most ardent supporters.  As the last line of the piece states, “timing is everything” — she has played the mainstream press like a fiddle in the past few months, from getting them to follow her bus tour to watching as they fruitlessly sifted through tens of thousands of e-mails; now, however, I just hope that Gov. Palin looks at the big picture here.

If I were to measure a guess, it would be that Palin does not run after all, that she revels in her status as a kingmaker for many, and that she throws her support and endorsement behind Texas Gov. Rick Perry.  From what I’ve heard here and there, the current and former governors had a bit of an impromptu but lengthy meeting in Texas a short time ago; I hope that they laid the groundwork for exactly what I hope will happen.


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