Fed $ for Ground Zero Mosque?

DickMorris.com: No Federal Funds for Ground Zero Mosque

The ground zero mosque, called Park 51, has applied for a $5 million grant of federal funds from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. The Corporation, set up to rebuild lower Manhattan after 9-11 is actively considering the grant request. Imagine! A federal entity set up to rebuild lower Manhattan giving tax money to a mosque designed to celebrate the attacks that killed 3,000 Americans!

The ground zero mosque will offer courses in Shariah Law and will doubtless spawn hundreds of new terrorists eager to pick up where the 9-11 hijackers left off.

Look — if you cannot tell from the language or the source, the linked piece ain’t exactly fair and balanced.  Just like all churchgoing Evangelicals aren’t going to bomb an abortion clinic on their way home, not every Mosque-worshipping Muslim in New York City is going to look for the nearest boxcutter once they put their shoes back on.

That being said, just as I noted on these pages almost exactly one year ago today, this is a matter of “right” versus “should.”  There are viable alternatives for the site–the Mosque building is so close to Ground Zero that it was hit with sizeable debris on September 11, 2001.  And, regardless of the site, the project should not be funded with federal–taxpayer–dollars.

This isn’t a church-and-state issue, either.  In fact, as I’ve stated here on numerous occasions, there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution separating Church and State; the Establishment Clause merely prevents the establishment of a national faith.  Still, could you imagine the outcry if a mega-Church requested federal money to build within steps of a bombed abortion clinic?

Take Dick Morris’ words for what they are, and sign the petition if you please.



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