PHOTOS: UK Riots Before & After

BBC: UK Riots: Before-and-After Images of the Devastation

Here’s part of the BBC description from the first image:

Violence has erupted across London and in other major UK cities following the fatal shooting of a man by police in Tottenham last week.

Sure, the violence may have started following the shooting, but it quickly became a conduit for much, much more.  A great piece on the roots of the UK riots can be found right here at America’s Right, by editor John Feeny.  Check out Ideological Pyromaniacs: London & The Left.

And, for the record, despite what is being said by those news outlets that choose to acknowledge that the cause of the unrest runs deeper than the police shooting, the rioters are NOT anarchists.  For crying out loud, these people want MORE government in their lives, not less.  It’s a simple distinction, but crucially important.

As for the linked photographs, take a look.  And then consider the road we’re going down here in the States.



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