Common Sense – in This State?

Providence Journal: Some Liberals, Democrats Stunned by Passage of Voter ID

This year, voter-ID legislation was backed by a coalition of Democrats and Republicans, including two prominent black lawmakers: House Speaker Gordon D. Fox and Sen. Harold M. Metts. Sen. Juan M. Pichardo, the first Latino elected to a Rhode Island Senate seat and the first Dominican-American elected to a state senate seat in the country, also supported it. Fox, Metts and Pichardo are Providence Democrats.

Chafee signed the bill into law on July 2, despite opposition from minority and civil-rights groups. Rhode Island Tea Party members celebrated. The signing also heartened members of Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement, whose executive director, Terry Gorman, says he believes illegal immigrants have voted in Rhode Island, and “this will make them give up.”

As I’ve intoned more than a handful of times, my state – Rhode Island – is in many ways one of the biggest blights on the face of America.  Economically, it is on the verge of collapse; socially, it can seem to make up its mind what it is; politically, it has been so increasingly leftist since the time of FDR that it’s nothing short of miraculous that it hasn’t fallen off the edge of the political slider.

We are, however, living in historic times, and the paradigm is beginning to shift – in a big way.

In my previous piece, I pointed out that approximately two weeks ago, the General Assembly worked through a budget battle for the ages, which, given the fact that Democrats traditionally dominate both houses, inevitably ended up pitting Democrats against one another (always a reason for popcorn).  As they say on the Left, the Debate is Over – if our society and culture are going to be saved, there are some big considerations that are going to have to give.  In the case of the budget battle, many Democrats prevailed in cutting into some of the power of the public sector unions – a small step in and of itself, but at the time not all that much reason for too much optimism.

Now, as the readers can see per the link that I’ve posted here, Rhode Island – one of the several most heavily Democratic and liberal states in the union – has passed voter ID legislation.  There are a large number of minority groups that are up-in-arms over this development, and as the Left is wont to do, I’m sure they’ll try to find some type of mechanism – legal or fabricated – that will undo a law that they don’t like.  For now, though, I can’t believe that Rhode Island seems to be at least rubbing its eyes awake and taking some intial steps that will lead others to so the same.



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    Sometimes even little Rhodey gets it right… then again even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day. Don’t hold your breath on this law staying on the books too long. Just wait until the next election cycle when the union thugs will inundate the polls with “people of color” who will refuse to provide an i.d. so that a discrimination suit can be filed on their behalf.

  2. Gail B. says:

    Maybe they’ve been reading America’s Right, John! :D

  3. walter scott says:

    It’s not as it appears. The reason for the Voter ID legislation was in direct reaction to many of the seats in RI government won by those of Latino descent. The black candidates removed from office were especially active in supporting this bill.

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