Dr. K on Obama’s ‘Lawlessness’

The Right Scoop: Krauthammer: This is outright lawlessness from Obama admin

With regard to the new Immigration & Customs Enforcement rules on deportation, I love that Brian over at The Right Scoop took it upon himself to include, in his awesome library of video clips, video of Charles Krauthammer’s commentary on this and other extralegislative efforts led by the Obama White House. Click on over to The Right Scoop for the video. In the meantime, as someone who has written on several occasions about this administration’s use of the EPA as a means of doing an end run around the legislative branch, I love Brian’s summary:

Krauthammer says that this is outright lawlessness on the part of the Obama administration because they are doing the same thing with the Dream Act that they did with Cap and Trade, using the EPA to enforce it anyway. He says we have a rule of law where the Congress creates the laws and the Executive executes them. By forcing agents to not deport illegals who are studying in high school or college is running an end around Congress. Further, he adds, by not basing this on the rule of law, the criteria that agents and prosecutors will use to make these judgments becomes arbitrary and unfair which means someone may get to stay that should be deported and visa-versa.

An excellent summation.



  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not America anymore folks. Plain and simple.

  2. bobupton says:

    Maybe the Immigration & Customs Enforcement Department should change it’s ICE acronym to:

    NICE – Non (Immigration & Customs Enforcement)
    LICE – Laughable Immigration & Customs Enforcement
    SPICE – Subjective Preferential Immigration & Customs Enforcement

    The POTUS continues to be more concerned about opinion from the south side of our border, and the well being of the citizens from another country, rather than the citizens within our borders. He has a flagrant disregard for the Constitutional rule of law as Krauthammer stated. Maybe he wants to be “El Presidente para la vida”.

    Maybe we should change the POTUS acronym to:

    ABOVEUS – Arrogant Boss of Very Expendable United States
    SCROTUS – Supreme Constitution Rejector of The United States
    FOOLUS – Foremost Obfuscator of Lackadaisical United States
    SCREWEDUS – Sycophantic Community Re-organizer Eagerly Wanting
    Ever Declining United States

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