Sowing Seeds of GOP Discontent

Washington Post: NY 26: Democrats Should Thank Paul Ryan

There is no way for Republicans to spin away Democrat Kathy Hochul’s victory in New York’s deeply red 26th congressional district. This is a big setback for Paul Ryan’s budget and a warning for Republican incumbents everywhere. This is simply not a district a Republican should have lost. Conservative overreach has clearly woken up Democrats and has gone down badly with independents.

Wrong, and for two reasons.  First, GOP candidate Jane Corwin was a milquetoast Republican at best, a Dede Scozzafava look-a-like that by no means was conservative enough to provide a preview of 2012, and most certainly not conservative enough to provide a referendum on Paul Ryan’s budget proposal.  Second, I seem to recall that the Democratic Party lost 64 seats in the House of Representatives in last November’s election — how many mainstream media outlets said that running in support of Barack Obama and his policies was troublesome in races across the country?

This sentiment–that Ryan’s plan will somehow scuttle GOP chances in 2012–derives in part from recent advertising featuring Newt Gingrich’s repudiation of Ryan’s plan.  Newt Gingrich dismissed Paul Ryan’s plan as “right-wing social engineering” and overall extreme, the ads have essentially all said, and because Newt is the heart and soul of the GOP, then the Ryan plan must be off-the-map extreme.

Thank you, Newt!  That’s TWO Democrats you’ve helped elect in special elections in New York districts.




  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeh, don’t take away peoples freebies, even to the point we lose the Republic….. makes sense to me.

  2. MBT says:

    it is very good.


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