Does the Republican Party Want Ron Paul?

Folks — if I may ask, please say a few prayers this week for Ron Glenn, who is undergoing a heart procedure.  We here at America’s Right look forward to a successful procedure, a great result, and a speedy recovery.    Thank you,  Jeff

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There has been lots on chatter about the possibility of Donald Trump running for president of the United States in 2012, including lots of opinions here at America’s Right.  Now, with new primary challengers coming out almost daily–officially and otherwise–for the GOP, I think it is time to ask how the candidacy of Ron Paul, a declared third-time candidate, will be received by the Republican Party.

Ron Paul has announced he will run again for the presidential nomination for the Republican party for 2012 . If we can all remember back to the CPAC Convention (The Conservative Political Action Conference) held in February of 2011, conservatives of every description were present and Ron Paul ended up winning the straw poll at the end of the convention.  Some say that he stacked his deck full of young supporters, but stacked deck or not this year’s straw poll victory was Paul’s second in a row.

A day or so after CPAC wound down, I heard an interview on Fox News with Karl Rove.  Rove, a true Washington insider if there ever was one, said that the radical side of the Republican Party needed to be denounced in the same manner the legendary conservative William F. Buckley, Jr. denounced the John Birch Society in the 1950’s. In short, Rove wanted the Tea Party to be put in its place and the Republican party to maintain its fervor as a torch bearer of the Bush/Cheney legacy.

The problem with Rove’s idea, however, is that conservative Republicans are winning elections, while traditional neo-conservative Republican candidates are not.  Ask the Tea Party, and the Tea Party will likely tell you that this nation is in need of a paleo-conservative, not a neo-conservative.  And, who better represents the Tea Party outlook than Ron Paul?

Considering Congressman Paul’s status as a de facto preferred candidate of the group, some questions are well worth considering:

  1. Why has Ron Paul insisted on remaining in the Republican Party?
  2. If he does not receive the nomination, should he remain loyal to the Republican Party?
  3. If the wishes of the Tea Party are not properly addressed, will they be forced to go elsewhere? And, if so, where would that be.? (I have previously reported for America’s Right that there was no legitimate third party threat for the presidency in 2008. Keep in mind that all Ross Perot did in 1992 as a third-party candidate was get Bill Clinton elected, an unforgivable sin.)
  4. Since Ron Paul is seventy-five, who will be his heir apparent in the liberty movement?

Remember, I spent the majority of my political time in 2008 with the Ron Paul campaign when I lived in Pennsylvania. The opinion of many at that time was summarized by an axiom of many public school teachers:

“If a bad student and a good student hang around together, the good student ends up like the bad one. The bad student does not end up good.”

We shall see how this applies to the primaries ahead. Will Ron Paul have to sound more mainstream or will the Republican Party have to sound more like the Tea Party?



  1. Anonymous says:

    Anybody with cojones, capable of taking on an obvious fraud and FORGER in the White House. I can’t believe the impotent America we live in.

    Just because something feels like a conspiracy theory, doesn’t mean it ISN’T a conspiracy. Kinda like that old quip about paranoia.

    I lived through, and found very interesting, the Watergate burglary and subsequent cover-up. I’ll be dam*ed if it isn’t happening again.

    I’m a retired computer scientist and not your run of the mill, gullible nutjob.
    There is something very wrong here folks, and as Constitution loving AMERICANS it needs to be addressed. IMHO

  2. David Glenn says:

    Best wishes and prayers for you Ron.

  3. nana3 says:


    We all wish you the best and send our sincere prayers that God will restore your health. You have work to do here and we need your contribution.

    Take care and God Bless You!

  4. jurisprudence11 says:

    Please let us not go down this road – again! The Tea Party must remain a force in the Republican Party for the good of the country. It cannot become a third party without benefiting the Democrats. We must hold on here or risk losing our capitalist vitality.

  5. Excel says:

    Just think, if more people had voted for Ross Perot we might not be in this mess.
    Charts and graphs don’t lie and have a way of keeping one focused on a budget. They do at my house.

  6. Boston Blackie says:

    My prayers to you, Ron, get back to writing for us soon.
    We need to stop eating our own during the election cycles.
    Obeyme must be sitting back and enjoying all the in fighting.

  7. The sound byte of Ron Paul claiming he would not have killed Bin Laden is disturbing. Very disturbing. I do like some of his conservative ideals, but some of his other beliefs quite frankly scare me.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers, Ron (Glenn). God bless.

  8. graypanther says:

    Having spent my morning coffee break over at Redstate, I have to answer that a Ron Paul nomination might be the most divisive one the Republican Party could make. The mere mention of his name starts a flamewar even among thoughtful, informed iron-bound conservatives. If Paul were offered as a candidate to the general electorate, he’d get even fewer votes than would Palin.

  9. George Washington says:

    Mr. Ron Paul for 2012 Republican Nom and President.
    -Strengthen our USD
    -No Inflation
    -Balance the Budget
    -No Mandated Healthcare
    -Creates MANY JOBS
    -New Crop Industries
    -Free Market
    -Very Pro Life
    -No Bailout
    -No Patriot Act
    -Stays out of foreign DOMESTIC AFFAIRS, but contract/trade with all
    -No Unjustified War with no objectives (Currently they are the longest lasting, most expensive, most unproductive wars in American History)
    -Brings our Troops Home after over 10 YEARS OF FIGHTING!!!!
    The USA could have fought WWII twice in 10 years!
    Please, let’s bring America’s Troops home. They deserve it.
    Leave the Middle East, and all other Nations that are agreed to be sovereign, ALONE with regard to DOMESTIC AFFAIRS.

    American Lives are NOT toys.

    Bring our Troops Home
    I am a Ron Paul Republican

  10. Jordan Bell says:

    I’ll second George Washington on that.


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