Happy Earth Day!

To many across the world, today is Good Friday, a day to spend commemorating that day when Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross.  To all of us across this great green planet, however, today is also Earth Day.  And, as is the tradition here at America’s Right, we must share in the turmoil of our crunchy friends, the frighteningly crazy environmentalists of Earth First!



  1. Linda C. says:

    So since this is “Earth Day,” why does the WHO get away with using 53,300 gallons of fuel on his latest campaign jaunt? Further, if it is a campaign jaunt, which it clearly was, why are we as the American taxpaying public paying for the fuel/time? Shouldn’t that be coming out of his campaign funds? Shouldn’t he or his campaign at least reimburse the U.S. for this blatant misuse of public money?

  2. Anonymous says:

    And please don’t forget, we are drinking the tears of the dinosaurs. That was my favorite from the PULPIT years ago.

    And like I told you before, Jeff, every time this video gets posted I go out and cut down a tree on my property. Off to kill a gumball. I hate gumballs. Come October, leaves kinda suck too.

  3. Pamela Bach-Johns says:

    Some people say Christians are crazy to worship a man there is evidence of existing. We can’t be sad a man died in our place but we should be sad a tree died? We can’t get life from the One who gave us life but we can from a rock? Sad, but proof we all want a connection to something. That connection is not through a tree though but through the man who died on a tree. It is funny how easy it is for some to worship creation and yet find it difficult to worship the creator. That ole devil is deceitful and uses some bizarre things to confuse people

  4. Gail B. says:

    Still crying? Good grief.

    How much fuel did Obama use Friday to fly around the country campaigning and fund raising? And Obama’s wife — flying to New York to appear on The View?


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