Buyer Beware

The Tea Party is apparently all a-twitter about The Donald. I find this all very curious, especially the timing and what is, apparently, the absolute and complete lack of actual thought with regard to the populist candidate that has seemingly entered the stage from out of nowhere.

I think that the leading members of the Tea Party need to do a bit more homework on Mr. Trump, because if they’re not careful, all of the tireless work and energy that they’ve poured into becoming the most genuine, dynamic political movement this country has seen in a long, long time in addition to saving their country will have been both wasted and, quite possibly, sabotaged.

I’ll be the first to stand up and say that yes, Trump is a very good businessman, he’s charismatic, and he’s very entertaining.  At a time when Republicans more generally and true conservatives more specifically are darned near desperate for the Reagan-like savior to appear, the prospect of a Donald Trump candidacy can prove to to be quite alluring. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that while he’s been on his sudden, no-holds-barred, whirlwind media tour, he’s saying many of the right things, things that have been simmering under the surface of the free speech of millions of Americans for over two years.  Now, people understandably think, there’s a man who’s finally unafraid to speak his mind.

Quite refreshing, isn’t it?

Be careful what you wish for, Tea Party. In this case, however, I’ve a feeling that not only will you not get what you wish for but you will also end up with four more years of that against which we’ve already been tirelessly struggling, and this time it’ll be four more years of an administration with nothing to lose.

Stop to think about the ramifications. Please.

Donald Trump is on record as saying that if he runs, he intends to win, because that’s how he does things.  Fair enough.  He says that he intends to run as a Republican. That, too, sounds good. What he has also said, however, is that if he decides that he’s in, he’s in all the way; if he fails to get the Republican nomination, he’ll run as an independent.

That should scare the bejeezus out of anyone who has invested him or herself politically, emotionally, and financially against the ideological terraforming that has been taking place over the course of the past two-and-a-half years.  If, in fact, Trump does run as an independent, all he’s going to do is split the conservative vote and hand the presidency back to Barack Obama on a silver platter. President Obama won’t even need the media this time. The Tea Party will do the work for him.

What I intend to show you here is that Donald Trump is, at his core, no conservative. He may be a good businessman, and in that context it’s entirely plausible that he sees a political market that can be tapped right now. It is true that his foray into the 2012 race can be all about shaping the debate; everything about his admittedly scant forays into politics seems to indicate, however, that he’s much more a liberal Democrat than he is anything even remotely close to  a moderate. And, believe me, this goes well beyond the fact that he trashed Paul Ryan’s budget proposals this week, budget proposals that only make sense according to the laws of math, for heaven’s sake.

The nerve of him.

Let’s start with the most obvious things. Donald Trump is the candidate of the Tea Party movement? Really? Where has he been for the past two years, when average, everyday citizens were sacrificing time from work, time away from their families, and their own money to protest the obvious fact that their country had come under ideological attack by a President and Congress that could only be termed as out-of-control? Did he attend any rallies? Make any contributions? In fact, Donald Trump made two contributions that could be more aptly labeled ‘bets’ against the man who is arguably the apple of the Tea Party’s collective (pardon the diction there) eye: Marco Rubio. In October 2009, in the heat of the Florida battle, Trump donated to Charlie Crist’s campaign, and then in the primary, he donated to Crist again, this time to the tune of $2,400.

Come again?

As the old expression goes, just “follow the money”. Okay, let’s do that. Speaking of political contributions, Trump has quite the record. Check out this list:

  • May, 2009 – $2,000 to Chuck Schumer’s primary campaign
  • November, 2009 – $2,300 to Hilary Clinton; $1,700 the day after.
  • December, 2009 – another $400 to Schumer, and then another $1,600 to his primary campaign.

He has also donated to the coffers of Anthony Weiner and Harry Reid, the latter to the tune of $2,400 to the “Friends for Harry Reid,” an organization which, in all honesty, I find rather odd — if for no other reason than because I can’t honestly understand how an individual of the ilk of Harry Reid has any friends.

But I digress.

What do all of these people have in common? I could use some fairly perfunctory adjectives to describe them, but I’ll refrain from that here.

Of course, there will be those moderate-minded people who will respond to all of this by saying that he’s a businessman, and that’s “just what they do”; apparently, they place their bets on the side that they feel will win, just like a horse race, or something like that. Okay, but if, in fact, that’s the case, what are the “winnings” that come from it? Certainly, what people would be suggesting then is that these donations are not principled in any way; rather, they’re contributions that have an expected return of some sort.

Huh. What could that be?

In an effort to complete the picture, I’d certainly be remiss if I didn’t mention that Trump was on record as saying that he was “very impressed” with Nancy Pelosi (I guess that makes one) and was surprised that she didn’t go after George W. Bush harder in an effort to impeach him – because, according to Trump, Bush was “the worst president in the history of the country”.

Wait – didn’t he just say something like that more recently? I’m confused.

Further, The Donald has also made no bones about his love of the Canadian-style, socialized health care system, because while he claims that he’s a conservative on everything else, he’s a liberal on this issue. I wonder if he’s talked to any of the people in Canada about that. I’d suggest that he go up to the border to interview a few Canadian citizens about their health care, but I’m afraid that he’ll be run down by the army of people running across the border to in an effort to extend their lives.

As Trump is undoubtedly all about the bottom line in his business endeavors, let me close with my bottom line: everything about Donald Trump points to his being much, much more of a liberal Democrat than anything else. His impact in a general election, especially amongst the all-important independents, could be devastating. He is no conservative – he’s an opportunist. If this is the case, all he’s going to do is to split the vote and, quite possibly, seal America’s fate.

Proceed at your own risk.



  1. graypanther says:

    Your prescient title, Mr. Feeny, reminds me of an old saw: “Buyer beware — of those who can buy more than you can.”

  2. L. Banks says:

    Since I have supported the tea party and my sister has been actively involved in New York State, I wonder why you single out the Tea Party itself when there are many who support Donald Trump? I also wonder why you think the individuals who make up the Tea Party are not people who research and watch and question. Most of the people I know who make up the Tea Party are people who researched Obama and knew what he was like before others discovered it by his actions. I wonder why you think we could all be woed by a showman like Donald Trump? Perhaps the Tea Party is using old Donald as he has the bucks to get many messages out to the public.

    I don’t see any other candidates out there who are absolutely enthralling the public on the Republican side or even on the Democratic side or even among the Independents. The only one out there is Obama putting out his view of the world and oh, yes, world peace. If someone does not come forward we will have 4 more years of this guy in the White House. I think it is time everyone (Tea Party or not) started evaluating the possible candidates and working toward this goal for if not we will have same old, same old.

  3. John Feeny says:

    L. Banks -
    Although I understand the tenor of your comments, please be sure to understand the context in which I say all this. I’m a conservative, and as such, I just don’t want anything to happen to the movement. All this press for the Donald – while easy to understand – frightens the hell out of me, because he could single-handedly destroy everything for which we’ve all struggled for the last two years.

  4. Randy Wills says:

    Thanks, John, for a much-needed commentary on Donald Trump.

    I am truly appalled to see various polls listing “The Donald” as a “frontrunner” for the Republican nomination. My only hope is that many of those responding to the polls are really Democrats who are trying to sabotage the 2012 race for the presidency. It can’t be possible, can it, that any true conservative would give Trump the time of day as a viable Republican candidate?

    If so, these people are no more capable of sound judgment than the zombies who convulse in obesience at every appearance and pronouncement of their worshipful benefactor, President Obama.

    Please Lord, deliver us from such astounding gullibility. Politically speaking, Donald Trump is a carnival side-show. It is not now, nor has it ever been in his life, as far as I can determine, anything more than his gargantuan ego that he serves.


  5. If “the Tea Party is apparently all a-twitter about The Donald,” I don’t know which “Tea Party” you are referring to. While there are a few members whose eyes light up at the mention of his name, most of us out here view him as nothing more than a center-right (most of the time) Barack Obama, a groupie TV personality who is all show and little substance. He is no statesman, he is no economist, he is no political scientist or historian. While he may be a very successful businessman, politically he is just another empty suit, as is our current president.

    Fortunately, his star is rising too soon. As is usually the case, when conservatives and Republicans in general start getting serious about the election, that star will quickly fade. If he does run as a third-party candidate, it will merely illustrate his true convictions as a friend of convenience with the Progressive Left.

    So who would or should the GOP candidate be? It’s too early to tell, but eventually the cream will rise to the top, if for no other reason than the right learned a hard lesson in 2008 about nominating a mediocre candidate.

  6. nana3 says:

    Thank you, John, for helping to bring out the truth about The Donald….excellent article and Michelle Malkin has also written a revealing article about Trump on Human Events. Trump is stirring the pot with help from the MSM but you are correct that conservatives need to BEWARE. We have a faux patriot in the WH now because he was a smooth talker and mouthed the words people wanted to hear. We don’t need another ‘rock star’… and one who is pretending to be a conservative is even more disgusting than the liberal lap dog of the socialists who currently resides in the WH. Trump is saying things with more passion than some of our potential candidates but he is not what America needs to guide this country. We don’t need Donald Trump to tell Obama “You’re Fired”…the American people can do that if we stay on track and proceed with wisdom.

  7. David Rufful says:

    This article sure is refreshing. I think the tea party is rightfully singled-out in this argument because nearly every poll labels Trump as the tea party favorite while other polls place Trump further down list.

    Trump bashed Reagan in 1987, “He could con people, but not deliver the goods…He is so smooth and effective a performer that he completely won over the American people. Only now, nearly seven years later, are people beginning to question whether there’s anything beneath that smile” Now, last week, “I really liked Ronald Reagan.”

    In 1999, Trump told Fox News Sunday, “I’m TOTALLY pro-choice.. I am pro-choice because I think we have no choice.” Now, he’s pro-life.

    In 2000, Trump said, “by imposing a one-time 14.25% net-worth tax on the richest individuals and trusts… we can put America on sound financial footing for the next century.” My most liberal friends are not even this liberal.

    I don’t expect a candidate’s core principles to align exactly with my personal beliefs, but Trump’s aren’t even in the ballpark.

  8. John Feeny says:

    Amen, Rufful. Amen.

  9. Kevin says:

    If you think the media was in love with Obama, wait and see what Trump can muster in that department. As I was getting ready for work the other morning, our local TV news was stating that “over 60% of registered Republicans would vote for a Trump ticket”. I thought to myself, where was that poll taken? Trump’s pool of secretaries? They found three that were Republican, and two of them would vote for him?

    I live in Iowa which, historically, is a “blue” state. I believe 2008 was the first time I’ve ever seen it go “red” on election night coverage. I believe it will swing conservative again in 2012, providing Obama doesn’t do an about face and really fix something. Obama is producing more conservatives in this country than he realizes. Conservatives that, collectively, will oust him in 2012. We need that candidate that will pull the conservatives together, and it won’t matter what Trump does. He is just a publicity junkie, and I believe most conservatives are smart enough to see that in him. Trump is shrewd, intelligent, and some even say he has an engaging personality. But, at the end of the day, he is not the quality leader this country needs.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what to think. It’s nice to hear someone speak as though he’s had 3 coffees, instead of 3 Xanax. Sorry, I like a little fire and passion when my country has but a few years left.

  11. Anonymous says:
  12. John Feeny says:


    You don’t know me very well.

  13. Anonymous says:

    9:50 I was referring to Trump, John, I know you steer away from Xanax.

  14. Chuck in San Diego says:

    Donald Trump is first and foremost a businessman. He’s had to adapt to the political world that affects his life and businesses. Therefore I’m unsure about his convictions on many things. Mark Levin did a show a week or so ago which really made it apparent to me that I can’t trust Trump.

  15. John Feeny says:

    Anonymous 11:12:
    Oh. Sorry. My bad.

  16. Gail B. says:

    My political forum is all in a tizzy over Trump, and rightly so. In 1999 (I believe it was), he left the Republican Party and registered with the Reform Party. Now he’s back to Republican again.

    He may be a smart businessman (but I don’t know HOW smart) and all that. I’m just not sure if I can trust him or not.

    I do know that Allen West (FL-22) likes him. And I’ve heard a lot of buzz about a Trump/West ticket. West said that he is not going to run for POTUS (yet, anyway). His Fort Lauderdale office said they have received A LOT of calls for him to run for POTUS. The lady left me with the impression that he would consider VPOTUS “if the phone rings.”

    I trust Allen West — period. Trump has been a liberal for many years, and he flip-flops on abortion, taxes, and other issues. Has he suddenly changed from liberal to conservative? Hard to tell.

    We cannot afford another mistake!

  17. Randy Wills says:

    To “Gail @ 3:37 PM:

    I too like West, but he’s done a couple of things recently that make me a little uneasy about his judgment, like indicating that he would share a ticket with Trump and referring to the President as a “low level socialist agitator”. That may excite the “red meat” conservatives, but it is the partisan eqivalent of Obama calling Ryan “a little bookkeeper”. People are tired of the hyper-partisanship that Obama has brought to the office of the Presidency and it behooves whoever the Republican candidate turns out to be to come across as more presidential and less partisan than Obama.

    The “red meat” conservatives, to whom both West and Trump seem to be appealing to, are not enough to win a national election on their own. The Republican candidate will need to capture a large number of voters who went for Obama in ’08 and I believe that that kind of rhetoric will turn them off.


  18. William A. Rose says:

    Trump is a celebrity. Seems the American people like their celebrities – whether they are “good” politicians or not. This should raise serious concern. Trump, like all the elitests, is all about himself. We The People do not matter. There’s not a nickle’s worth of difference between a Democrat or a Republican. Trump will indeed hurt the Teat Party’s image, probably irrecoverably. I agree that if Trump goes with the political wind and his agenda and chooses to be an Independent, it’ll split the conservative vote enough to hand the election to Obama. We can only hope that it is proven that Obama is not an American citizen. At this point, I am not really sure that would even matter anymore. One event, and Martial Law, and we’d have Obama for decades or until he wasn’t useful anymore. If you don’t beleive that last statement, just watch and see.

  19. 2010, 2012 says:

    WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE not even due for release until May 1th and already a Best Seller. that is not fly-by-night interest. that is PAYING your money to know a thing. Anyone claiming this is a foolish question to continue with really do not get it or they are trying to protect obama and possibly Cheney since it is also a part of the sitting vice-president to ensure candidates are qualified?(am i wrong on that? i dont think so), but the bigger statement is that it is now time to discontinue calling this a stupid question because clearly it is not.

    might also add, that this was something that should have been done at the inception of every candidate and had dnc and anyone else done their jobs we would not be here now.

  20. 2010, 2012 says:

    correction above, WTBC is due out MAY 17TH, not May 1st as stated above. sorry.

  21. my take... says:

    no one else is asking the questions that trump is so
    he is serving voters’ voice. doesnt mean he will be
    “the” choice in the end.

  22. my take... says:

    David Farah and team at world net daily doing excellent job of keeping THE question alive and trump has certainly magnified it.

  23. 2010, 2012 says:

    Trump is not my candidate UNLESS he ends up being th nominee which i seriously doubt will happen.

    that aside, he is popular because obama’s mysterious birth certificate is on the minds of so many people. Many are probably thinking the same way i am: “let the man stand and be heard as long as he is demanding answers we all are wanting to know.”

    Trump adds to conversation by asking a question we all want answered.

  24. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Great comment, David. Thank you for sharing.

    And, by the way, it appears that I am the only person who has NOT heard of Mr. Rufful. If anyone else is unfortunate enough to be in my position, please check out David’s excellent Web site:

    Thanks again, David.


  25. Randy Wills says:

    Well, Jeff, I guess we both must be living in the same bubble because the name “David Rufful” didn’t register with me, either.

    Thanks for steering me to “The Young Cons”. They sound like my kind of people and I hope to see their appearance on “AmericasRight” often.


  26. Anonymous says:

    Regarding above, and John Feeny’s misunderstanding…..

    3 coffees…… Donald Trump
    3 Xanax (ea)… Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin

    At least, with the ‘antics’ of Donald, who knows, one way or the other we might get an answer or two regarding the reluctance of a POTUS to reveal even the most simplest of facts about his birth and supposed education. If Trump isn’t a candidate he is still providing a much needed spotlight of sanity on the sanctity of Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5. It ain’t rocket science, and if you go by what natural born meant in the 1700′s a Kenyan father (communist to boot) is not what our founding fathers wanted within those THREE VERY MODEST QUALIFICATIONS for President.

    Are we living in the Twilight Zone, or what, people? A colonel sitting in the brig as a pompous, condescending, above the law, ‘president of us all’ won’t show a document that even Jeff’s daughter had to show for school. Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves, and I for one am sick of it.

    I, and many others, MAY have to eat a lot of crow, but somehow I doubt it.

    Call it a distraction, I don’t care, my ‘gut’ rarely fails me.

    Give em hell, Trump.

    PS. What a hell of a joke the Obama presidential library is gonna be

  27. Richard Nixon (from the beyond) says:

    How in the hell is this guy getting away with this? Are Woodward & Bernstein unemployed?

  28. John Feeny says:

    Obama library? That’s going a bit far, no?
    I’m concerned with the mere possibility of an Obama outhouse.

  29. CBS says:

    PAGING Dan Rather….. PAGING Dan Rather
    We have a paper trail assignment for you

  30. I.C.E. says:

    I am hoping Osama Bin Laden hasn’t fathered a baby with a very unamerican, flaming radical young woman and she crawls across the unprotected borders in her burqa into El Paso and delivers a future president.

  31. David Copafeel says:

    The Disappearing Documents president

  32. Miranda says:

    Please tell me why it’s such a big deal Trump went from pro-choice to pro-life? Guess who else did? Me. Why is it so bad Trump wants some type of healthcare for all Americans? Just not Obamacare! Why is it so bad that Trump wants to take care of Americans first? Why is it so bad if we are in the middle east helping to oust brutal dictators for the people of these countries that we don’t get a much reduced price for oil? Please tell me why that is so evil? Sure, Donald dumbs it down and says we’d take the oil! But, it’s not if we’d steal it from the people! Come on! Trump wants to now give back to this great country of ours and people like you are getting your panties in a bunch. Get over yourself. I am a conservative. I was not always. Probably for the last 12 years. Does one have to come out of the womb conservative in order for you to take them seriously? That is just insane!!! Trump for 2012. He will win! You will be pleasantly surprised at what he’ll be able to do. He is worth the big gamble! You got to bet big to win big. America is in a big hole! We need to win very big and get out of the hole we are in!

  33. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Please tell me why it’s such a big deal Trump went from pro-choice to pro-life? Guess who else did? Me.

    Me too, Miranda. While I’m not necessarily in Trump’s corner, I DO think that he has a role to fill here, and think that you made some good points.

  34. Sir Lancelot says:

    Express yourself! (if your automobile has vandalism insurance)

  35. James Carter says:

    1979 everybody thought Reagan was a dork as well.

  36. Flux Capacitors, LLC says:

    1979 called, wanting to remind everybody they thought Reagan was a dork back then as well.

  37. Randy Wills says:

    Yes, Miranda, that’s all we need as the Republican candidate in 2012; the clown Trump who talks big and says little, the newly minted pro-lifer, Christian, and whatever else he thinks will play to the the Conservative Christian Right.

    As I said, “Lord, deliver us from such gulibility” before we have Obama locked in for another four years. I suggest that you get out there and talk with some of the Independents who we will need to win in 2012 before you go all ga-ga over “The Donald”.


  38. Anonymous says:

    He may not even run, but I love how everybody thinks everybody else’s candidate sucks. We are so far in debt, and so drowning in corruption it’s probably all academic. Come on rapture.

  39. Zacchaeus says:

    And who has the Lord told you to tell us to pull for, Randy?

  40. Randy Wills says:

    To “Zacchaeus @2:51 PM”:

    The Lord doesn’t talk to me, other than through His written Word, but if He did, I seriously doubt that it would be about who to vote for in a political election. The conversation would probably have something to do with how Gal. 2:20 is working out in my private life. As far as the voting thing is concerned, I believe that He would expect me to be able to use my brain and the common sense that He gave me to figure that one out.

    And of the current possibilities, I’m hoping that Allen West can continue to develop his presence on the national scene and team up with one of the other more traditional politicians (say, and ex-governor) and compete effectively for the presidency in 2012. Other than that, I still think that Mike Pence is close to the ideal candidate, but he insists that he’s not running. It is premature to form a complete opinion of LTC West, but I highly value the discipline of the military mind that he would bring to the office.

    I’m willing to be wrong about Trump, but all I can go on is his past history and behavior, which the electorate failed to do with Obama and I don’t know if we can survive making that mistake twice. Trump may be saying what a lot of persons on the Right are thinking, but if we haven’t learned by now that words mean nothing to the ego-driven person, we’re absolutely hopeless.

    And thanks for asking.


  41. Honestly, I would just love to hear The Donald tell Obama, “You’re fired!” That would make my year.

  42. Jordan Bell says:

    :Honestly, I would just love to hear The Donald tell Obama, “You’re fired!” That would make my year.:

    That goes along the same line of why a lot of people voted for Obama. They wanted to be part of history in seeing a black man voted to the Office of the President instead of finding out what he truely stood for. Not many bothered to look at his character.

  43. Yep; you totally figured me out. That would be my sole reason for voting in Trump. I am the conservative version of the Obama Zombies.

    (Do I need to point out that this too is sarcastic?)

    Don’t be fooled by the moniker. In fact, I opine that anyone who reads this site on a regular basis is smarter than the average bear. Give us some credit.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Jordan, have you had 3 coffees? I think she was being funny.


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